Daylilies Lilies Know the Difference

Daylilies and Lilies How to Tell the Difference

Daylilies & Lilies Know & How to Tell the DifferenceDaylilies and many kinds of lily flowers are known as lilies. Even though the Latin names are totally different, people seem to think the Day lily and the actual Lily are the same, but they are not. They are actually quiet different. Did you know that the daylilies and lilies belong to two totally different genuses, with true lilies being Lillium and day lilies being Hemerocallis.

The Difference Between Day lilies and Lilies

Description of Daylilies – Daylily Features

A Daylily has a very thick and tuberous type of roots. The plants also have long blades that are shaped like straps, which grow in the form of clumps and get up to four feet high. The flowers themselves grow on stems with no leaves that have several branches and buds.

The blooming flower has six single petals some displayed in double layers, most times a different colour is displayed in the centre/throat part of the flower than the petals.

Sadly, they only bloom a single day, this the reason for their name. They can appear in shapes such as round, triangle, star or spider shaped. They are rarely used for cut flowers, since the flowers that opened in the morning will die by the end of the day, but don’t worry there will be more new flowers opened tomorrow. The flowers will keep opening for at least six weeks new fresh flowers open each day.

Description of Lilies – True Lily Features

A true lily comes from a bulb that has soft scales that overlap. More than 100 kinds exist and some of these include the Asiatic, Oriental and the Martagon lilies. These grow from one stem that is un-branched and can reach up to ten feet high. They too have six petals, as well as six anthers. They come in several colours. Some of their shapes include the trumpet, bell, bowl, funnel and curved. True lilies bloom for about a week, in contrast to only one day for the day lily. Lilies are also very toxic to both humans and pets, specifically cats.

Know About Daylilies and Lilies How to Tell Them Apart

Daylilies Features:

  • Day lilies bloom for one day
  • Day lilies have grassy arching foliage
  • Daylilies have a crown the junction point that joins the foliage and roots
  • Day lilies have bare stems with no leaves on the stems
  • Day lilies can have between 25 and 50 blooms per stem
  • Day lilies not sold in florist/nurseries as cut flowers
  • Day lilies have thickened tuberous roots that are able to store water and food
  • Day lilies are edible

Lilies Features:

  • Lilies usually bloom for about a week
  • Lilies have 4 to 6 inch leaves arranged in a whorl around the stems
  • Lilies are a bulb with scales
  • Lilies have 3 to 5 flowers per whorl usually white pink yellow or red sometimes with black spots
  • Lilies are sold in supermarkets and online florists as cut flowers
  • Lilies are great flowers for vases
  • Lilies the true liliums are poisonous to all animals as well as humans

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