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the dangers of chemical fertilisersPeople are greatly inclined into using different chemicals to promote the growth of their daylilies without realising that such materials also have their respective consequences. These chemical based products do not only have a threatening effect to the daylilies, but also to the environment as a whole. With this awareness, it must be understood that people should have enough knowledge of all the dangers that can possibly arise from the use of chemical fertilisers.

The general public use these chemical substances because they believe that they are the best means to boost dayliliy growth. Yes, fertilisers can definitely optimise the result of growing plants, like daylilies. These fertilisers are also very accessible because they are found in almost every gardening store or supermarket. They receive too much attention from the users because they are well promoted and advertised. What the general market is not aware of is, the fact that there are a lot of negative effects that are hidden from their view.

One of the main dangers of chemical fertilisers is that they are primarily capable of causing contamination. This contamination involves groundwater. We have to remember that water pipes from which houses acquire their supply of water are mostly located underground or under the soil. With the use of chemical fertilisers, people are actually promoting the exposure of water to the harmful chemicals found in fertilisers. What is really alarming is that most major contents of fertilisers are actually capable of staying in the soil and traveling through it thus penetrating materials underneath.

A lot of people may ignore this risk without realising its lethal impact later on. Once this contaminated water reaches the household and is able to be taken by the people, it can definitely cause a lot of dangerous physiologic problems. The chemicals in fertilisers, once in contact with the human body, can cause lethal alterations to the normal functioning of the nervous system. This can greatly affect major body functions consequently debilitating a normal person’s capacity to live. This contamination can even lead to some of the most dangerous types of diseases including cancer. It can even promote the increase of incidence of some of vector borne diseases including malaria.

Chemical contamination of water brought about by fertilisers can also cause some skin problems. One of its worst effects includes the Blue Baby Syndrome. This affects infants, and from the name itself, causes a significant change in the normal skin color because of the lack of oxygen present in the blood. This can definitely be fatal once untreated and uncontrolled. Now, who could have ever thought that water contaminated with fertiliser could cause such kinds of diseases?

Because of these dangerous effects, it is essential that you take proper action when it comes to taking care of your plants, especially the daylilies, and using fertiliser to promote their growth. It is highly recommended that you simply use organic matter or what is commonly known as compost. Compost is definitely a lot safer and effective as compared to the dangerous chemical fertilisers.

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