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Thank you for visiting my blog. With my training over the years in Horticulture, I have made many mistakes on a small scale, I have learnt by these mistakes the hard way. I have started this blog to help other gardeners learn about my organic gardening techniques the easiest and best way I know.

In my time in gardening, I have a really good collection of daylilies and bearded iris, some other rare bulbs and perennial plants, but my main passion is for daylilies. Now that you are here I am assuming that you are a Daylily lover just like me.

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Daylilies in Australia are found in abundance and these cultivars and more, are found in the USA and other parts of the world. However some of the most popular daylilies in Australia for landscaping or gardens are night embers, stella de Oro and primal scream. I have many posts written on my blog so you can learn to grow these daylilies in Australia, aside from this you can find articles related to growing daylilies in Australian soil, the growing and caring for daylilies as well as gardening tips and understanding organic fertilisers in the form of compost for daylilies as a soil conditioner. All articles are categorised into specific categories for the convenience of your navigation.

Please do not hesitate to link back or share the information you find useful. It would also be great to hear from you about what you would like to see me write. I invite suggestions on any topic related to daylilies – growing, care, gardening etc in Australia. I wish you good luck with your daylily growing in Australia.

Know How to Plant, Care and Grow Plants in Your Garden

It is not that you have a green thumb or a brown thumb. It is to learn and know how to grow a specific plant the right way. When you learn this, plants give back 100% enjoyment. The secret to successful gardening is to provide plants that you grow, with the same conditions as if they are growing in their native habitat. After this it is essential to understand the climate zone you live in and for easy gardening buy plants suited to your location. This can be plants that grow in shade or full sun, low light indoor plants or plants for outdoors either shaded or sunny areas. Each plant is different some plants need humidity to grow while other plants will only flower after they have received a hard frost. Be aware of the plants pH, how to choose the right soil mix. A tip plants will only grow perfect with the right soil pH. The right amount of water and right type of fertiliser is important for each individual plant that you grow. All plants needs are different. When growing plants be visual, a vital key to successful gardening. Plants communicate through appearance when they are sick or healthy, example yellow leaves or when plants need or get too much water. Choose appropriate plants that grow well in your climate. If you are not sure check plants growing well in gardens around and in your area. You can learn here how to make your own compost and fertilisers for foliar feeding. On this blog you will learn how to grow, where to plant and when is the best time of year to plant, plants such as daylilies and Iris flowers, bulbs and perennials, trees, shrubs and seeds into your garden.

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