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What is Chelated Fertiliser?

Chelated Fertiliser – What are Chelated Fertilisers Used For?

What is Chelated Fertiliser

This publication will definitely leave you curious about how chelated fertiliser can be used for your plants. Are you aware about what this product really is? What benefits does it really have? Aside from the usual compost and even fertilisers, chelated iron fertiliser can be something that you can use to promote the optimum growth of your daylilies. First of all, it is important that we properly define what chelated iron really is. Chelated iron or what is also known as the iron chelate is actually a mix of different elements including Iron and Sodium together with a specific chelating agent. The chelating agent facilitates increased solubility of Iron so that it could be made easily soluble with water. When it comes to the appearance, chelated iron is seen as a dark coloured powder turning brown to grey.

You have to be really careful when it comes to handling this substance because it can cause mild skin reactions. It can even cause problems upon contact with the eyes and other membranes. Once inhaled, this can also cause irritation within the respiratory tract. The fact that it is good for some plants does not mean that chelated iron can also be good for humans. Caution must always be observed.

Chelated Iron Fertiliser Can Be Used For Daylilies

It is capable of being a tonic. Use chelated iron is a method to treat and prevent or top up iron deficiencies in plants like daylilies and agapanthus. Chelated iron definitely works well with chlorosis. This is observed as a condition wherein the leaves appear really pale than usual because they do not produce enough chlorophyll. We should be properly aware that chlorophyll is the green pigmentation that can be found in plants usually in the leaves. Aside from the pigmentation, chlorophyll is very significant in the plant’s food production. Chlorophyll facilitates the effective plant energy absorption from light. In chlorosis, Chlorophyll is definitely not sufficient and if this condition is left untreated, it can undoubtedly lead to the death of the plant.

Chelated Iron As A Natural Weed Killer

Certain formulations of chelated iron can also be capable of eradicating broad leaf weeds which can be considered as the main competitors of plants for their nutrition. Sometimes chelated iron is already enough but when difficult situations arise, you can use them together with your highly trusted herbicide.

You have to make sure that you use chelated iron fertiliser properly. Use the proper amount and handle it properly to make sure that it does not cause any kind of damage not only to yourself but also to the plant and its environment. Using too much chelated iron is not healthy for the plants that is why you have to ensure that you measure it properly according to the number of plants that you will use it for. You also have to ensure that you get your chelated iron fertiliser from trusted suppliers so that you can be safe with its components and that you can be sure that it is the legitimate iron chelate.

These are some of the things often unknown when it comes to using chelated iron for daylilies.

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