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Whitefly Controlling Silverleaf Whiteflies

silverleaf whitefly on leavesAside from providing plants, especially daylilies, with the right amount of fertiliser, light and other essential needs, you have to really consider protecting them from agricultural pests. There are actually a lot of different agricultural pests that you should definitely be aware of.  One of the most common types that can affect a wide variety of plants, including daylilies, is the silverleaf whitefly. The whiteflies feed on the new tender growth of the plants.


The silverleaf whitefly is known to belong to the family of Aleyrodidae. It is also known as the sweet potato whitefly. A lot of people may be unaware that a lot of various kinds of whiteflies are actually considered as agricultural pests. What is really alarming when it comes to this certain type of whitefly is the fact that it is able to cause great damage to almost 500 different plant species. These pests are commonly associated with vegetables like tomatoes, squash and cauliflower. It is even associated with beans and some citrus fruits and flowering plants. These pests are actually present in different countries all over the world consequently it is definitely important that proper warning is given to all the farmers, gardeners and simple homeowners who just want to brighten up their homes by means of planting different crops and ornamental plants.

Appearance of Silverleaf Whitefly & Damages it causes

When it comes to appearance, you can make the silverleaf whitefly distinct from other types of pests because of their opaque and white appearance. The damage caused by this pest is brought about by their biting through the plants leaves and even blooms at times. They tend to pierce such foliage and eventually take away the nutrients absorbed by the plants through the soil. We all know that once the plants are not able to receive enough nutrients, they tend to become weaker. If this condition progresses without proper action, it can definitely lead to the death of the plant. Aside from this major effect, the sweet potato whitefly is also known to cause the early falling of leaves from the plants and even chlorosis. Chlorosis is defined as a condition wherein the leaves are unable to produce enough chlorophyll, therefore, inducing a change in the colour of the leaves. Instead of the usual green colour of the leaves, due to chlorosis, they tend to appear pale white and even yellow in colour.

Aside from the direct damages caused by the silverleaf whitefly, there are also some negative effects brought about by the honeydew produced by such pests. The dew produced promotes the growth of mould all over the leaves of the plant, especially that of the daylilies in Australia. The dew hinders the normal production of food by the plants this interfering with their normal growth. This definitely affects the general quality of the plant, as a result, making them really less attractive and marketable.

Whitefly Control Home Remedy

As early as possible, like any other type of disease, you should take Appropriate Action for the Proper Control of Silverleaf Whitefly. If whiteflies are in small numbers you can choose to bring in ladybugs, they will feed on whiteflies. With big infestations of whiteflies here is a cheap method without toxic sprays. How to Get Rid of Whiteflies Using Reliable Organic Methods. You should be persistent in killing off the whole life cycle of the whiteflies in a safe and effective way, for best control and eradication of such pests without causing further damage to your plants, especially to your daylilies.

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