Biennial Annual Perennial

Biennial Annual and Perennial Flower Plants

Biennial Annual Perennial flowering plants
The fact that flowering plants can be classified based on the number or frequency of their blooms. Technically people are only aware of the classification of flowering plants based on the species, the family and the type of flowers. We should definitely be aware of the fact that flowering plants can still, be classified based on their life cycle for a certain period of time. Plants, specifically those that produce flowers are classified as a biennial, annual and perennial ones. To be able to further understand such classifications, we will have to thoroughly discuss the types of flower plants one by one.

What are Biennial Flowering Plants?

Biennial flowering plants are simply called biennials, they are the ones which primarily need two years before they are able to finally complete their life cycle. From the name itself, we can already observe the prefix “bi” which actually means two. During the first season, these plants will have to produce a few small leaves or some foliage. As the months pass and the plants are taken care of properly and the second season arrives. These plants will produce flowers and seeds depending on the plant variety. It will also be observed that they will grow longer and stronger stems during the second season.  After completing their life cycle in two seasons, these plants would eventually die. Some examples of these plants include Foxglove, Sweet William, and Hollyhocks.

What are Annual Flowering Plants?

Annual flowering plants are defined as something that takes place on a yearly basis. With this in mind, we already have the idea that annuals include flowering plants that have their life cycle for an entire season only. This means that they develop, from seed up until they bloom into beautiful flowers, only within a single season. After they have already completed their life cycle within a year or annually, these plants eventually die. Some examples of these plants include Geraniums, Petunias, Coreopsis and among others.

What are Perennial Flowering Plants?

Perennial flowering plants are known to be those whose life cycles are able to persist throughout various or numerous seasons. Usually, these plants are able to keep some of their parts, primarily their roots and even their leaves, until the next few seasons. You can also observe that it can actually take some time before some of these varieties produce flowers. Some of these flower plants bloom until the next two seasons or even longer depending on the specific plant variety. Some of the best examples of perennial plants are irises, agapanthus and even daylilies. 

These are some of the best things that you should definitely understand when it comes to classifying flowering plants based on the duration of their life cycles. These flowering plants can be classified as biennial, annual and lastly, perennial.



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