Aeonium Arboreum Propagation Care

Know About My Aeonium Arboreum Plant

Aeonium Arboreum Irish rose growing cuttingsAeonium Arboreum or Irish rose is a succulent plant native to the Canary Islands. Aeonium are great as ornamental plants and they can improve the appearance of the garden or patio. This succulent has long and arching stems with fleshy rosettes of leaves. The colour of the leaves varies from green to dark maroon. There are more than 35 species of this plant. Some of the species are low growing and some forms branches and grows 3-4 feet tall. Most of the varieties bloom during spring or late winter. The plant produces bright yellow conical shaped flowers that are star shaped and has many narrow petals. They are best suited for planting in containers and they need very little soil. Plants store water in their leaves and stem and the roots of this plant are thin and hair like. Many Aeoniums produce aerial roots. The plant forms clumps and spreads to 1 ft to 3 ft. In extreme hot conditions, the leaves of the plant shrivels and curls to prevent water loss.

How to grow?

The plant prefers a Mediterranean climate with moderate heat or cold. They are moderately tolerant to drought and tolerant to mild frost. Generally, bright light is needed but not complete full sun to grow. When grown in coastal areas with rain or humidity the plant doesn’t need much water. They can be planted conveniently in pots and can be kept in patios. This plant cannot withstand heavy frost and they need to be shifted to indoors out of severe weather for protection. The plant grows well in standard potting mix or in sandy loam and doesn’t need well drained soils. They cannot grow in excessive acidic or alkaline soil. In winter you must water the plant when the soil has dried out. These plants are easy to grow, but they cannot deal with extreme environment conditions. Pruning is not needed, but repotting the plant should be done in every two years to prevent the plant from becoming leggy. You can apply fertiliser to the plant during the growing season by using a balanced fertiliser which is half in strength. Avoid feeding the plant when the plant is in a dormant condition in summer.

Where to grow?

I have heaps of the succulent plant growing in my dry garden in the ground, it is tucked away in a corner where it gets shaded from the intense strong hot summer sun. It is planted between the east side of a claret ash and a hay shed where it also gets protected from frosts and the hot western sun. Right now at the end of August in Australia its late winter the tree Aeonium looks its best. The flat succulent leaves of the rosettes have expanded quickly in the past month or so and the flowers have burst out into full bloom with huge yellow cone shaped flowers, flowering with the early yellow daffodils, it looks spectacular. I rarely water my plant during the summer. If you want to conserve water, water is not needed it will not die. Don’t worry when it rains again the plant will be revived.


There is no special way to propagate Aeonium arboreums the plant is mainly done using cuttings of branches. It is easy, take a stem cutting, snap it off and shove it in the soil to make the plant root. Its that simple, no preparation needed. Remember it is better to take cuttings of the plant during early summer. Propagation by seeds can be done by sowing the seeds in spring when the temperature is between 19 and 24 degrees C.

Pests and diseases

This plant is generally free from diseases and pests. They may get affected by mealybugs and aphids. Slugs can also damage these plants.

Suggested Aeonium varieties

Some of the varieties of Aeonium which are suitable for your garden are

  • Aeonium Arboreum with branching stems and bright green coloured rosette.
  • Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ with deep maroon or black leaves.
  • Aeonium Davidbramwelli or Sunburst with wide rosettes which have pale yellow, green or white stripes and pink tips.



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