Compost Tea brewing in a big white bucket

Make Brew Compost Tea Plants & Daylilies

Make Brew Compost Tea Plants & Daylilies

Are you tired of using harmful chemical based fertilisers and other products to boost your plant growth? Worry no more, because just by following these simple tips and techniques, you can definitely make your very own compost tea the cheap and affordable way by just using these main ingredients of water, air, and compost.

A lot of people do not realise the dangers of using chemical fertilisers or pesticides. With the use of compost tea, they don’t only achieve effectiveness but also safety when it comes to the use of the organic compost tea mixture. Compost teas are a very affordable way of fertilising your plants and you can make your very own compost tea easily in your backyard at home.

Compost Tea Kit

How to make your organic fertiliser compost tea- first by making sure that you have all the materials that are needed. You have to prepare a large heavy duty 20 litre bucket to serve as a container for the entire compost tea mixture. You will also need the mature compost, gang valve, several litres or gallons of water, a strong pump for aeration, hose, and molasses, and the main thing is to have electricity to run your pump. If you have all these materials then you are all set to create your very affordable, effective, and safe mix to achieve the optimum growth results for your daylilies and plants.

How to Get Rid of Chlorine in the Water

First of all, you need to three quarters fill your bucket with warm water if the water is chlorinated you need to remove the chloride from the water. This is easily done by aerating the water for a few hours or you can safely use a cup of hydrogen peroxide to your large bucket of warm water this will also remove chlorine and any bugs from the water instantly. The hydrogen peroxide will also stop your compost tea from rotting. If the chlorine is not removed from the water the chlorine will kill the microbes this is why the water has to be dechlorinated there is no need to use distilled water.


How to Make Aerator for Compost Tea

You just have to connect three different pieces of the hose that you prepared near the length of the bucket that you intend to use for the compost tea. You will then attach them to the gang valve with air stones attached to the other ends of the three pieces of hose. The gang valve will then be placed on the edge of the bucket for this purpose ensuring that the hoses will be able to touch or reach the bottom part of the bucket acting as an aerator. This is then attached to a big aquarium pump or similar this pump must aerate the compost brew really well. A strong enough aerator is needed to keep the brew aerobic this makes the composted tea healthy for your garden.

How to Make Compost Tea Successfully

Brewed compost tea in a plastic bottleOnce the aerator is done then you can make compost tea by putting the compost mixture or worm castings into a fine muslin straining bag. You will need to tie this bag tight at the top securely. Then attach or tie the straining bag with some wire to a stake and set the stake across the bucket so that the compost bag is submerged into the warm water. You can also add other fertilisers to the compost tea such as molasses but the molasses must be unsulfured and diluted first before adding it to the warm water or compost tea. The molasses is good for the compost tea as it feeds the bacteria. It is also very important to keep your compost brew out of the sun. Finally, when you see the bubbles forming on the top of the compost tea after forty eight hours you know your compost tea is done and the brew is completed. You can then use the compost tea by diluting it to feed your plants and daylilies, to resemble weak tea or iced tea. Either by spraying your daylilies or feeding the ground or the roots of your daylily plants, but as you can see you only need a small amount of compost to make the tea to feed a wide area of your garden, compost tea goes a long way. If you wish you can also add alfalfa hay here in Australia we call this lucerne hay to the mix this is a great plant growth stimulator. You can store the compost tea out of the sun in large plastic bottles as I do in this picture.

What does Compost Tea Do For Your Plants

The use of compost tea actually has lots of benefits for plants and the soil. With its use, you can definitely expect great results in your Australian gardens. Compost tea generally increases the growth of your plants. It provides easier access for the plants to be able to acquire enough nutrients that are needed for the soil or the use as a foliar spray for daylilies. Different pests and unwanted environmental conditions also make up compost tea of various microorganisms that facilitate proper plant growth and even protect the plants from various dangers caused.

Chemical based fertilisers and pesticides actually increase the risks of the plants developing toxins that can be very damaging to their entire structure. These toxins can even affect the environment in huge amounts. With the use of homemade compost tea, you do not expose your plants to any kind of toxins because you are only using organic materials and they do not pose any kind of threat to your plants.

These are some of the most essential tips that you can follow when it comes to creating a long lasting concentrated liquid from a small amount of your very own compost to form compost tea for the optimum growth of your daylilies and plants in Australia.

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