Diatomaceous Earth Use Food Grade Pet Safe

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Know How Diatomaceous Earth Works And Uses

Diatomaceous Earth Use Food Grade Pet Safe

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is a natural occurring mineral compound. It forms from the skeletons remains of the tiny and microscopic, aquatic algae organisms called the diatoms. It is also known as diatomite. This natural product is very tiny and ranges from less than 3 micrometres to about 1 millimetre. It is normally in the size of about 20 micrometres to 200 micrometres. These soft and silicon rich sedimentary rocks undergo crumbling to make a fine off white or white powder. The diatoms get sedimented in the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. The mining of these silicone deposits will help to make many useful products. The main use of the Diatomaceous Earth is it helps in killing the mites and insects.

What Is DE Made Of?

The Diatomaceous Earth’s main ingredient is silica. The diatom skeletons are made from a mixture of silica and oxygen and the mixing of these two forms of silicon dioxide. About 26% of the earth’s crust is made up of silica. There are two forms of silicon dioxide: amorphous and the crystalline forms. The Diatomaceous Earth is mainly in amorphous form with traces of crystalline silicon dioxide in them. They are very abrasive in nature and this is why they help in controlling and getting rid of pests and insects.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works?

The Diatomaceous Earth is a white or off-white talcum like powder. It forms from the remains of phytoplankton. There are two explanations given on how the DE works on the insects.

When the DE powder is applied on the plants, it will stick on to the insects and pests that attack the plants. It will absorb the oils and the fats from the cuticles of the insect and will dry them out. This way the insects are killed. The Diatomaceous Earth is very abrasive and is sharp to look at under the microscope. This means that the exoskeleton joints of the insects on the plant get cut, when the insect moves on the plant. The most important thing to refer from the working of the DE is that it makes the insects die. It is found to be very effective in killing all kinds of bugs. The farmers make sure of food grade Diatomaceous Earth to kill all the pests, insects and mites that attack their grains.

How to Apply DE?

There are two ways by which you can apply the Diatomaceous Earth on plants.

Wet Application

  • Add the DE powder in water and mix well. Adding two to four tablespoons of DE to 4 1/2 litres or in 1 gallon of water is advisable.
  • Mix the DE and water together to make a paste.
  • Apply a thick coat of this DE water on the underside and the top of the leaves of the plants. This will help in killing the pests that attack the plants.
  • When applying on the grass, you need to use a dust spray to spray the liquid on the grass. The DE will stick to the grass once the water dries out.

Dry Application

You can even apply the Diatomaceous earth using a flour sifter or by giving a gentle tap to the side of a fine kitchen strainer. It will help in keeping the bugs, insects and pests away from your homes and pets. Sprinkling it on the window sills, cabinets, cupboard tops and under, the underside of refrigerators, stoves or ovens will help in keeping the pests away.



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