Benefits Of Coke In The Garden

Coke For Gardens – What Does The Use Of Coke Do For Gardens?

Using Coke In The GardenWe all know that coke is a popular fizzy drink. In recent years, it has proven that this chemical cocktail is bad for the human body and people are finding various new uses for this drink. The new uses of the fizzy poison which contain carbonic and phosphoric acid include cleaning the toilet, removing stains from clothes, cleaning windows, spark plugs in cars, cleans dirty coins etc. Coke has various uses in the garden as well. Here is what coke does for your garden.

Better Composting Of Garden Waste

Adding coke to your garden compost pile can make the composting process faster. The sugar present in the drink will attract the microorganisms that will break down the organic matter in the compost pile. The acids present in the drink will assist in breaking down and boost the process of composting. Adding this compost to your lawn or flowerbed will make them grow healthy and produce more blooms.

Reducing Soil pH

The acid loving plants in your garden can be benefitted by the use of coke. Pouring coke around the plants will help to reduce the pH of the soil. Plants such as Azaleas, Blueberries, Astilbe, Louisiana Iris, Camellias, Japanese Maples, most Magnolias and Hydrangeas if you want blue flowers. These plants can get benefitted greatly by the addition of coke into the soil.

Killing Slugs, Wasps and Other Insects

Slugs can be lured using this sugary drink. Keep a bowl filled with coke in your garden overnight. Slug and snails get attracted to the drink and the acidic content of the drink will kill them. You can also use the coke trap for attracting and killing wasps. You can remove the ant hills in the garden by pouring coke on them. Cockroaches can also be killed using this trap. Basically, the acid in the drink kills the insects and using coke as the pesticide is a cheaper option than using other chemical pesticides or insecticides.

Killing Insect Larvae

Insect larvae can be destroyed with the help of red ants which feed on insect larvae. Spraying the plants with Coke will attract the red ants and they will start feeding on insect larvae, thus protecting the plant from damaging insects later.

However, spraying the plant with coke without diluting can kill the leaves due to its high sugar content. Spraying diluted coke will be safer for the plant. It will also reduce the cost. Coke is not 100% organic or natural, but it is safer than the pesticides or insecticides which the gardeners and farmers normally use. As they are safe to handle by humans, there is no protection required while handling or spraying the coke on plants. In many parts of India, farmers are using different brands of cola for protecting their crops as they are able to save the cost of chemical pesticides. Avoiding the use of strong chemical pesticides will help the soil to retain its richness and nutrition. Though Coke does not function like the industrial pesticide they are effective in pest management to a certain extent. When using the diluted coke, the sugar and carbohydrates in them may help in increasing the immunity of the plants.


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