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Stella de Oro Dwarf Daylily

Easy to Grow Stella de Oro Daylilies

There are various types of the dwarf daylilies plants and one of the most unique and appealing is definitely the slightly fragrant daylily Stella de Oro. This popular daylily has a few spelling variations, for example, Stella d’Oro daylily, Stella d Oro daylily and Stella D’Oro daylily is described as a dwarf daylily with miniature gold blooms 2.75″ slightly recurved with a tiny green throat that grows at a height of 12” developed by Walter Jablonski in 1975.  Stella de Oro daylilies are known as hybrids, they produce beautiful golden trumpet flowers on 35cm stems in abundance for months on end. This daylily is also a diploid and is widely grown in gardens all around the world including in my garden here in Australia. Stella de Oro is classified under the Hemerocallis family as long flowering and is a neat and compact plant that puts on a sensational display. The best time to buy and plant daylily, Stella de Oro in Australia is after the frosts have finished because of its dormant habit. This daylily is considered as diurnal in other words these daylilies flower during the day. Stella De Oro is also slightly fragrant that looks lovely in a garden as a continuous row or hedge. Stella de Oro daylily can be a real show stopper because it is an ever bloomer aside from all else these hardy perennials have attractive blooms similar to lily flowers. Stella De Oro was also awarded the stout medal winner in 1985 primarily this is the highest award for a daylily. With early blooms and ongoing golden yellow trumpet shaped blooms this daylily flowers for months, it is a landscapers dream stella de Oro has 2.5 inch flowers that open for only one day but in turn, are replaced by another bloom the next day making these lily like flowers bloom for months as they can have heaps of buds on one scape. Stella d’Oro means or translates to ‘Star of Gold”.

Growing and Care for Stella de Oro daylilies

This dormant daylily is quick to provide us with lovely green strap leaves after the cold winter to go on flowering also as a rebloomer. As these daylilies grow in smaller fans I sell Stella de Oro at Decadent Daylilies in Australia as a small group of daylilies and not by a single fan, when I have plenty, it grows and flowers well for me.

Hemerocallis Stella D Oro Daylily Care

Stella d’Oro daylily Stella d Oro daylilyStella de Oro daylily will grow in full sun but likes partial shade on those hot summer days but will not bloom real well in deep shaded areas. One advantage of choosing Stella de Oro daylilies from the rest of the other types of daylilies is the fact that they do not need a lot of care and maintenance, they are very adaptive to various environmental conditions. This makes them truly worth the time and effort in planting dwarf daylilies. They are the most resistant to extreme weather conditions and even unfavourable conditions. This specific advantage makes the Stella de Oro daylilies truly known among it’s kind. Stella De Oro daylilies are also considered to be regal daylilies because of their fabulous colour and classic trumpet shape flowers. They are also characterised as herbaceous types of plants that are drought tolerant. If you really want to use Stella de Oro in your garden, you have to see to it that you known their distinctive characteristics very well. First of all, Stella de Oro is also considered as a very compact plant that mine specifically blooms in the early summer season, around November up to January here in Australia. You have to see to it that the Stella de Oro daylily is placed in the perfect location where it can bloom for a long period given the ability to rebloom with them lovely fragrant golden yellow flowers. Stella de Oro is capable of handling extreme heat during summer and on the other hand, they are also capable of taking the right amount of sunlight making them truly flexible. You should also be able to choose the best type of soil for these precious daylilies. You have to ensure that the soil is well drained, well fertilised, preferably in a natural manner through compost and humus. The use of artificial soil fertiliser can be damaging to these plants and may even restrict their growth in uncontrolled use. Watering is also a very significant factor in taking care of these daylilies. Just because they are capable of handling full heat from the sun, does not mean that you would not already provide the plants with enough water for their hydration. Water these daylilies regularly and make sure that it is well absorbed by the plant through the soil. You can divide these daylilies at any time but best in spring and early autumn. When Stella de Oro the fragrant dwarf daylily has finished flowering you can remove all the flowering stems and dead leaves primarily Stella de Oro still looks fabulous with out the flowers because their attractive dense foliage that makes an excellent ground cover. Stella de Oro being a dwarf daylily looks fabulous growing in pots and containers this way can be moved anywhere with in your garden or porch.

Deadheading Stella De Oro for more blooms

To make sure that the Stella de Oro daylilies will bloom continuously, you should see to it that you take care of the blossoms and buds properly by dead heading the spent flowers regularly and cutting the old flower stems off down at the base of the plant this will prevent Stella De Oro from forming seed pods and the energy will go back into the plant to produce more flowers instead thereby this keeps the daylily plant looking spectacular. Give the flowers enough space so that they can reveal their flowers and foliage in the best way possible. This will surely bring an instant spark to your once plain looking garden, it is not hard to prune a daylily just snap off the flowers with your fingers, not only will this make your plant more attractive it will stop the unwanted seed pods.

These are some of the essential reminders that you need to take consideration when it comes to taking care of Stella de Oro daylilies the exceptional dwarf daylily.

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