How To Get Rid Of Moss In Lawns

Why Do We Have Moss In Lawns And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Moss growing in lawnsMosses are small nonvascular plants which grow as dense green coloured clumps in the damp or shady areas. The plant has tiny green leaves which absorb water and nutrients and thread like stem. These plants are easy to spot. They can appear as green mats on rocks, wood, bare soil or on any surface with moist and shady conditions. Moss is seen more so in the winter months. If Moss starts to appear in your lawn, it is an indication of poor growing conditions for the grass in the lawn.

The Common Causes

The common causes of the appearance of Moss in lawn includes

  • Lack of proper nutrients in the soil.
  • Inadequate site preparation.
  • Low level of soil pH.
  • Shady conditions.
  • Poor water drainage.
  • Excessive watering.
  • Poor lawn maintenance.
  • Close mowing of lawn.
  • Overuse of walkways and play areas, resulting in worn areas.
  • Compacted soil.
  • Acidic soil conditions.

It is necessary to understand the cause and take care of the causes in order to control or prevent the growth of Moss in the lawn. Proper lawn maintenance is necessary to maintain the health of the lawn. The growth of Moss must be dealt with as soon as possible so that it does not cause any problems to the lawn.

Preventing Moss Growth in Lawns

  • If the Moss growth is due to low pH of the soil, adding some lime to the soil will be helpful in preventing Moss growth as lime will make the soil more alkaline which moss does not like.
  • If excessive water or poor water drainage is the reason for the Moss growth, improve the drainage by adding organic matter or by providing proper aeration.
  • If Moss in appearing in newly created lawns, inadequate site preparation will be the cause of Moss formation. Make sure the soil is thoroughly raked up and mixed with compost before creating the lawn.
  • Reducing watering frequency can help if the growth is due to excess moisture in the soil. If the lawn is in the shaded area, the water remains in the soil for hours and this promotes Moss or algal growth in the soil.
  • If the lawn grass is not showing vigorous growth, the soil will be lacking fertilisers and proper fertilisation with essential nutrients will help in the re-growth of the lawn grass. Test the soil before adding any fertiliser to the soil.
  • Removing excessive shade in the lawn area is another way to keep your grass healthy. Branches of large trees should be pruned at the appropriate time of the year to provide enough sunlight to the lawn.

How to Get Rid of Moss in Lawns the Organic Way?

You can get rid of Moss in lawns using natural Moss control methods and with proper lawn maintenance techniques. Raking the lawn will help to loosen the Moss and they can be removed easily. Spraying the affected areas with a mixture of dish soap and water will reduce Moss growth. Another method is to sprinkle the area with baking soda so that Moss will die back before they are raked and removed. Spraying the Moss beds with white vinegar on dry weather conditions and scrubbing the area using a brush is highly effective in removing the Moss.


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