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Why Won’t My Daylilies Bloom

Why Won’t My Daylilies Bloom

leavesHere in Australia gardeners are greatly interested to grow daylilies either for personal or business purposes. Before you could successfully grow daylilies,  you have to make sure that you carefully consider several factors like lighting, fertiliser, environment, temperature and among others. Without proper

background and instructions, some people take the risk of planting daylilies. Later on, they would end up questioning why their daylilies won’t bloom. It is not enough that you prepare your resources because you have to make sure that you take care of the plants properly all throughout its growth.

For those who are wondering why their daylilies are not giving them the best results, here are some of the factors that they have to look into.

First of all, there could be a problem with the location where you decide to plant your daylilies. These daylilies should be grown in rich and moist soil. If your soil is hard clay, there is definitely a great chance that your daylilies will not really bloom as expected.

The location can be greatly related to the source of sunlight. If your location deprives your plants especially your daylilies from the right amount of sunlight, you can never really expect your daylilies in Australia to grow at all and even bloom. Daylilies require a good 5 or 6 hours of sunlight exposure to provide the best blooms.

You also have to consider the space where your daylilies are grown. If you are already planting daylilies for a long time, you have to make sure that each plant has enough space for it to totally flourish and bloom. You can definitely divide your daylilies if they have already been grown for years. The best time to divide your daylilies in Australia is in the more cooler months of autumn or even right after winter.  Space can definitely give your daylilies the freedom to grow and provide the best blooms. Overcrowding is one of the major reasons why daylilies have difficulty in growing.

Aside from these, you may not really be aware of the fact that the depth of daylily planting can greatly affect its growth. This can greatly influence the absorption of the nutrients of the daylily roots from the soil. The correct depth of the daylilies should be not greater than one inch. You have to be very careful in estimating the depth. Planting the daylilies too deep can definitely prevent them from blooming fully. On the other hand, shallow planting can definitely cause premature death of the entire daylily plant.

You also have to be aware that daylilies are generally divided when the right time comes. If you do this earlier than expected, the plants can easily be damaged. You also need to look into the type of fertiliser you are using, if it has a lot of nitrogen, this will make lots of leaves. This can definitely lead to the failure of the daylilies to bloom in the best way possible. If you are doing all the above and all else fails and you are still wondering why don’t my daylilies bloom, I suggest you feed your daylilies potash, this will help your daylilies to bloom and at least keep your daylilies strong.

These are some of the most essential factors that can answer the queries of the gardeners regarding the failure of their daylilies to bloom. If you are able to observe and take care of these considerations properly, you can be sure to get the best blooms from your daylily plants.

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