lime green foxtail fern

Foxtail Asparagus Ferns Growing and Care

Plant Foxtail Asparagus Fern to Add Beauty to Your Garden Landscape

lime green foxtail fernWhat is a Foxtail Fern? The Foxtail fern or the Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myersii’ is a very attractive and interesting evergreen variety of fern that adds beauty to any garden space. These are clumping plants that are drought resistant and will offer a bright refreshing green look to the garden all-round the year. It is an ideal green that you can plant in the hanging baskets, made into a mossball or place in the pot containers or even as a groundcover depending where you live. This plant is very denser and upright and loves to stay in clumps.

More About Foxtail Fern

The Foxtail fern belongs to the Asparagaceae family and its Genus is Asparagus. The species is densiflorus and its cultivar is Myersii. It is a perennial and an annual plant that is specially grown of its bright green foliage.

What does the foxtail fern look like?
The foxtail fern plant has needle-like leaves that are tightly packed in clumps. The leaves are very soft and delicate.

Do Foxtail Ferns flower? These plants will produce white flowers and red berries every year. They look very brittle, but in my climate,  they are really tough and hardy. They will add beauty to your garden area with little care.

Growing Conditions for Foxtail Fern

Can foxtail ferns tolerate full sun?
It is a sculptural and artsy plant, needs bright light and a frost free zone to grow happily. If you live in a coastal climate you can grow it outdoors in full sun all year round. They will not tolerate full sun in hot climates. These types of ferns also likes partial shade but does not prefer to grow in fully shaded areas. It will lose its bright green colour if it is grown in shades of trees. Getting watered regularly during the drought period it loves. They have tuberous roots that will store the water. These plants will thrive on soil that has light acidity.
How big does the Foxtail Fern get? The adult Foxtail fern grows to a height of 6 to 8 feet.

How to Propagate Foxtail Fern?

How to plant Foxtail Fern by division when required

  • Dig up a hole in the soil where you intend to plant the Foxtail fern. Make sure that it is twice as wide as its depth.
  • Add water to the hole so that the soil gets loosened. The water should completely drain out.
  • Adding compost to the soil before planting the fern plant will help it grow well.
  • Having dense tuberous roots take the Foxtail fern plant out of the pot and cut the root ball into half.
  • Put one half of the root ball into the prepared soil and fix it firmly in the ground by covering the hole with the soil.
  • Pour some water after planting and provide the water as and when required until it grows into an adult.

How to Take Care of foxtail Fern?

What makes the foxtail fern turn brown? The brittle leaves of the plant might turn pale green or yellow in worse cases brown in colour. This means that the plant needs fertilisation.

What to feed a foxtail fern? It loves to feed on a plant balanced food.
If you are growing the Foxtail fern indoors, then make sure that you place it in an area where there is bright light or in an area where it gets the direct sunlight falling on it during the winter season.

How to water Foxtail Fern? Allow at least three inches of soil to dry out before re-watering. The yellow stems should be pruned out to boost new growth. The red berries will contain seeds in them that can be used to propagate these lovely Foxtail Ferns. If you are looking at dividing the plant, then you need to do it during springtime.




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