Spring birds feeding their young on a branch

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Spring Season What Happens in Spring

Spring birds feeding their young on a branchAs the winter season comes to an end, people start to shake off the winter’s cold grip and start to feel the wave of energy building as spring emerges in. Spring season denotes to notions of rebirth, rebuilding, rekindling, regrowth and revival in backyards and gardens and this is why it is the favourite season for many people. During springtime, the earth comes back to life after a long cold winter, flowers begin to bloom and the green world begins to come back after its winter slumber.

The spring season brings the sun high enough in the sky where days start getting remarkably longer and the earliest of spring flowers make their way up through the soil. In in this amazing season, whenever you look life is being created or energy is being transformed. The influence of spring and its reformative effects are demonstrated by the fact every major religion have a major holiday in the spring season. This means that all cultures mark spring with a celebration of renewal and life.

In springtime, a lot of outdoor activity is done as the weather is favourably welcoming. The spring winds are amazing, and this is the time you will see children and families in the parks with kites, frisbees and picnicking. It is also an important season for many hobbies including gardening, where people who love gardening, the spring is one of the most pleasant times in the garden. This is because that this is the time when the spring bulbs that were planted during autumn, begin to grow and blossom whereby in spring is when the first seedlings are prudently nestled in the garden. It is always lovely to see the lovely white and deep pink blossoms on the fruit trees this time of year as well.

Spring season in Australia is from September the 1st to the end of November and is referred to as the time for rejuvenation and regrowth as this is the time that life and movement revives everywhere after people being indoors during winter. This is the favourite time for many people to do home improvements projects that couldn’t be done during winter. This is for the reason that in spring, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold and people have plenty of daylight in which to work take advantage of. Every outdoor activity that was impossible to be done during winter can now be done, these includes outdoor sports activities, fishing, hiking among many others.

Why do Many Spring Season Animals & Plants Come to Life in Spring?

During spring, the weather is favourable and food is plenty and this is why most animals give birth in this particular season. The spring season has favourable weather which is sufficient rainfall, a warm atmosphere and longer days. This season is favourable for the animals to reproduce and studies show that air pressure has an effect on all this.

Spring calves are born when the barometric air pressure is high whereby high air pressure discourages rainfall. Animals that are born when the pressure is high are more probable to have some healthy dry weather before they have to face the cold springtime rains and snow. Grazing animals get to enjoy the warmer weather and plentiful food in the fields in this season.

It is biologically known that plants need light, water, warmth and compost/soil to grow. Unlike in winter, during spring, plants get the environments they need to grow. The adequate rainfall gives them the water that they require; longer days meaning more daylight and warmth from the sun, raising both air and soil’s temperature.


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