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Are Daylilies Toxic to Animals?

Are Daylilies Toxic to Animals?

Are Daylilies Toxic to Animals Daylily PoisioningDaylilies are definitely considered as one of the most attractive and interesting plants that you can definitely add up to your garden. While being aware of how to take care of them properly, you should also be aware if these plants can be harmful to your pets.

For all the pet lovers out there, you should first consider if your plants, especially in your garden can cause significant harm to your pets. Some of these plants can cause allergies and other unwanted effects to your dogs and even your cats. You have to be aware of these because most of the time, your pets end up wandering outside. They can easily be in contact with your pets that is why you have to take the necessary precautions.

Daylily Poisoning

We will now look into each part of the daylily plant and how they can affect your pets with some unwanted effects.  First of all, the flowers or the blooms, primarily do not cause any harm to your pets. Daylily flowers apparently, do not contain any toxic material that can harm your pets once they ingest them accidentally. Of course, the situation can be different if you are using chemical fertilisers for your daylilies. These chemical fertilisers can definitely contain a lot of harmful substances that can stick to the daylilies. Once your pets ingest these flowers accidentally, the chemicals can react within their body and cause unwanted damages. You have to consider such possibility as well. However, if you do not use such chemicals for your daylilies, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has already proven that the daylily plant especially the flowers, are not in any way, toxic or poisonous to dogs.

This is a different story for the cats because daylily flowers and leaves are actually toxic to them. Upon eating such, cats can actually experience kidney problems which could eventually lead to their death. You have to monitor them carefully once they are out in your garden especially if they are somewhere near your daylilies.

On the other hand, it is advisable to keep your pets away from the bulbs or what is specifically called the rhizomes in your garden because these substances can cause certain digestive problems once ingested by your pets. It is also advisable that you watch out for your pets once they are in your garden so that you can properly monitor if they are able to accidentally ingest some of your plants, especially your daylilies.

The most important reminder here is that, upon seeing your pets exhibiting abnormal symptoms after ingesting any part of your daylily plants, it is best to bring them to the veterinarian. It is also advisable to bring a portion of the ingested daylily plant so that you could let the veterinarian easily explore the exact cause of the problem exhibited by your pets. This will also lead to the taking of the most appropriate treatment course for your pets. Be a responsible owner not only of your daylilies but most importantly, of your pets as well.

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