Diamond Dusting Daylily

Diamond Dusting on Daylilies

Diamond Dusting, Ruby & Gold Dusted Daylilies in Australia


Diamond Dusting DaylilyDaylilies that are diamond dusted, ruby dusted or gold dusted are truly great and precious additions to your garden. You will surely be able to enjoy looking at how they perfectly fit in your garden. Say goodbye to a dull backyard and now welcome a more vibrant and truly attractive environment, through the diamond dusted daylilies. There are a lot of variants of the daylilies and they come in a wide assortment of colours that you will definitely be amased at. Some daylilies in Australia have certain features that make them more prominent than the others. One of the most unique and most attractive variants of daylilies is known as the diamond dusted daylilies. These make the daylily plants truly stand out. Whenever you notice a sparkly material covering the petals of the daylilies, you have to consider that the variant as diamond dusted. Diamond dusting on daylilies can definitely make them look more attractive and even elegant. You can notice that these daylilies show a bit more shine when they are glistening in the sun than the other daylilies. Diamond dusted daylilies are easily noticeable because of these sparkles. The diamond dustings can also be on the border of the daylily petals named as diamond dusted borders photo below. These dustings make the daylilies look more elegant and presentable. You can be amazed at the effect that these dustings are able to provide to your garden.


Gold Dustings on Daylilies

Aside from the usual diamond dusted daylilies, there is also another effect specific on yellow variants. In this case, the sparkles appear to be yellowish to that of gold, therefore, this is known as gold dustings or gold dusted daylilies.


Guilded Edging and Diamond DustingRuby Dustings on Daylilies

If you are really decided to get ruby dusted daylilies with these amazing sparkles or dustings, you should definitely go to your nearest and most trusted garden suppliers and they will tell you which daylilies have diamond dust on red daylily flowers. Ruby dusting is a red daylily with diamond dustings on the petals. Only very few daylilies in Australia are known to have the ruby dustings.  This is the reason why you have to be really persistent in finding such daylilies. You also have to make sure that you only purchase from the trusted supplier with legitimate daylily cultivars. Remember, you have to look for sparkly and shiny materials all over the flower surface of the daylily flowers, especially on the petals. Beware of some garden providers which can offer fake cultivars by simply adding glitters or some shiny material over the petals. Observe and inspect carefully and see how naturally the diamond dustings appear on the daylily flowers.

Diamond Dustings on Daylilies

If you are able to grow these cultivars in your garden successfully, you can definitely see how beautiful the entire area can get. As soon as the sun strikes on the petals and the leaves, you can greatly see the shimmering effect that the diamond dustings are able to provide. Diamond dusted daylilies are proven to be a unique addition to your garden collection and these are cultivars that must be treasured and taken cared of properly. Nourish them properly, provide the proper environment, and later on, you can eventually see the fruits of your efforts and hard works in growing these one of a kind diamond dusted daylily plants.

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