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Daylilies in Australia

 Growing Daylilies in Australia

How to Grow Daylilies in AustraliaDaylilies are a staple of every culture around the world. This international plant is as diverse as the cultures that grow it, for a daylily looks different depending on where it is grown. None compare to the range of beauty that the daylilies in Australia portrays. With numerous different strands, the petals of the Australian Daylilies bloom into a wide range of colour and flower shapes that represent the amazing beauty of the flower and its country of origin.

Australian Daylilies

The Australian daylily is a very versatile plant, it is easily grown and very unrestrictive in comparison to the conditions under which other plants have to follow in order to grow successfully. Australian Daylilies can grow pretty much anywhere. Where most plants must be planted in a specific season or month, the daylily can be planted all year round. If you live in the hot areas of Australia and experience high temperatures over 30 deg C you should pot up your new daylilies and keep them out of the hot sun. The daylily requires a deep watering for a week or two until the new daylily plant has rooted, daylilies must dry out between waterings, then the regiment drops to a once a week watering routine. With six hours of sunlight a day and the right daylily care and maintenance watering and fertiliser, this plant will grow and flourish for many years.

Established daylily plants should be fertilised twice a year, the best time to fertilise daylilies in Australia is September and March. Daylilies are best fertilised with an organic general purpose fertiliser that is low in nitrogen if the fertiliser is good for tomatoes its good for daylilies, bearded iris and so the list goes on. Gardeners like to see the flowers more so than lush green foliage. If you grow daylilies in pots you need to fertilise your potted daylilies more frequently.

For growers in the sub tropics, the daylily of Australia can expect to see flowers occur during October, with the rest of Australian daylilies should start to flower around mid to late November. While daylilies love full sun it is beneficial in the hot climates of Australia that you grow your daylilies in part shade at least in the hottest parts of the day. After the daylilies have finished flowering the daylilies shut down and will go semi dormant where I live in New South Wales, Australia during the hotter summer months of January and February then some daylilies can rebloom in March and April in the autumn. While daylilies that try rebloom in winter are insignificant in colour usually snow white, pale and not their true colours because of our winter cold climate.

   Daylily Cultivars in Australia

Daylilies in AustraliaThe daylilies in Australia offer a variety of different blooms these hybrids can be modern daylilies or heirloom in a mixture of distinct unusual shapes and sizes. The flowers of the daylilies reach out towards every part of the colour spectrum. The daylily colour range includes everything from peach and purple to orange and red even pink, green and brown with various combinations of colours sometimes being found on the same petal. For instance, the Australian daylily cultivar of Robert Charles species of daylily (photo) is a bright yellow all the way around, whereas the Rebel Reign Australian daylily is a deep, bold red with a splash of yellow in the middle these are two results of very successful Australian daylily breeding programmes. The daylilies plants can come in different colour patterns such as a halo effect in addition to watermark, eyed, reverse bicolour, and picotee edge.

Furthermore, the petals can flower in many different forms, and produce many buds per plant. One type of flower that the daylilies of Australia can produce is the spider type, which petals register a length five times as long as its width. Then there is the spider type variant, who falls into the same format as previously mentioned, however its petals are four times as long as they are wide aside from this there are miniature blooms, whose diameter is less than three inches, and small blooms whose diameter is three to four and a half inches.

Daylilies in Australia are easy to grow that do require a good organic fertilised soil, a pH of 6.5 to 7, regular deep watering, sunlight is all that is needed to grow the perfect daylilies.

It may take some time for the lily to adapt to all kinds of weather and environments after you buy the daylily fan, but with minimum upkeep that the daylilies of Australia require will make them look breath taking when they flower. With a wide kaleidoscopic of coloured blooms, the daylilies in Australia are the perfect reminder of the beauty this world encompasses each day. For those who fail to have the gift of a green thumb, the Australian daylily might be a plant, worth that last shot at growing considering the daylily is classed as the perfect perennial.

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