Attracting Native Birds to your Garden

Native Birds – What Attracts Native Birds to your Garden

If you want to attract some of Australia’s beautiful native birds into your Australian gardens, you first have to find out what species that are around in your area. Then you have to provide the right native food for these birds for them to stay for a while and come back to your garden the following year.

One of the best ways to find out the species birds that are currently in your area is to contact a local bird watching group. They will be able to give you a good list of which birds are in your area and which birds are easiest to encourage into your back yard. For identification of Australian native birds you could find a book on attracting Australian native birds into your garden from your local library this will definitely help you identify the Australian native birds when they visit your garden.

To encourage the birds into your garden first of all you have to have the right food that the birds like this is a real must, a birdbath about 3cm deep primarily for the little birds they love to drink and bathe in a clean birdbath.

Attracting Native Birds to your GardenWhere I live in New South Wales Australia I have Australian Native birds coming freely into my garden certain times of the year they just come for a visit for a few months and come back the same time the following year. The little birds even love to have a shower under the lawn sprinkler in the summer. Australia has so much to offer when it comes to beautiful native birds and shrubs.

The brightly coloured parrots love to come and pinch your fruit off your fruit trees if you don’t net them, while the baby possums take over the bird boxes in my back yard they look so cute. I even had two dab chicks until one thundery night and they went but was lovely to watch them on my front pond. There must be enough food for the possums here because they never touch my roses. There are many flowers and shrubs that the wild birds and animals like, some example are said below.

Feeding Nectar and Seed Eating Birds in Australia

Attracting Native Birds to Your GardenA variety of Australian Native plants is required to attract these birds, some insects, worms, grasses let go to seed and items to encourage the Australian native birds to build a nest for breeding in your garden. Besides this, the birds would need shelter and nesting materials to have their young in your garden. Some of the best species of Australian native plants to attract Australian native birds are gum trees,


  Banksia, Waratahs, Eucalyptus, bottle brushes, many different Grevillea, kangaroo paw.

I don’t feed the birds that come in my back yard they seem to find enough food themselves, I see the sparrows in the chook shed the last few months helping themselves to the left over chook feed but now they have moved on. We also have a pair of wood ducks that come each year to have their young. Some nectar feeding birds are honeyeaters and noisy miners and the seed eating birds are rosellas, cockatoos, parrots, galahs which I don’t encourage into my garden except for the topknot pigeons. If you want these big birds in your garden you simply plant the right food for them for example, wattles, lily pillies, grass trees, eucalyptus even native cypress, I like the little birds, you also have insect eating birds in Australia like the blue wrens a real Australian native bird of our Australian bush.

Australian Native Birds List That Visit My Garden

Attracting Native Birds to your Garden - Galah

Attracting Native Birds to your Garden - Blue WrenSome of Australian birds species that visit my garden are water birds, small birds and larger birds, these birds are common backyard birds to Australia – Wild Budgerigars, Kingfishers, Willy Wag Tails, Robin Red Breasts, sparrows, starlings, topknot pigeons, swallows, coots, Kookaburra, Herron, parrots, Ibis, fantails, magpies, red rumped grass parrot, I even get the rain bird here and he does let me know when it is going to rain but I haven’t heard his whistle sounds for a while because we haven’t had any rain, these are a few of the real common Australian birds that visit my garden.

For the wildlife to spend some time in your Australian back yard it is best to choose the right plants for their diet as well as birds love water this can be a bird bath or a pond these are some of the best ways to keep the native Australian birds coming back to your gardens every year.

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