Teeth Daylilies

September 6, 2013 in Daylilies by Christine

Teeth Daylilies

Teeth DayliliesIf you really want to add something unique to your garden without having to make it look unattractive, one of your best options is definitely the teeth daylilies. Here we can learn what this specific type of daylily is all about. There are actually a lot of kinds of daylilies that you can encounter but one of the most interesting kinds is the teeth daylily. This variety can come in various colours that can surely fit in your garden and will brighten up the overall look by picking the right colour scheme. We all want our gardens to definitely look stunning and elegant at the same time, of course also adding a certain unique vibe to it. With teeth daylilies, you can be sure to achieve that certain look that you are aiming for in your garden.

If you are wondering why these daylilies are actually called teeth daylilies, it is because when you observe these flowering plants, you can readily be able to distinguish why they are given such a name. Teeth daylilies are known to have small teeth like projections along the edges of the petals of the flowers. These projections make the flower appear to have jagged edges instead of the usual smooth edges, you can observe the teeth jagged edges in the daylily photo provided. This photo was taken at Decadent Daylilies in Australia, our beautiful garden. Aside from this, the teeth projections even stand out more because they usually have a different colour than the general colour of the petals of the teeth daylilies. For example, a lavender coloured daylily flower can actually have light yellow teeth like projections or jagged edges. Other types of edges on daylilies are spines, knobs, horns, braids, tentacles, fringe and toothy edges to the petals, some of these protrusions can be quiet striking. If you really want to have this unique kind of daylilies in Australia for your garden, you have to ensure that you will only get them from the most trusted daylily suppliers. There can be a lot of plant stores within your community but it can really be challenging to find these teeth daylilies down at your local nursery they just don’t stock them. It is best to get these special type of teeth daylilies from a legitimate daylily grower which can assure you the quality of the plants and can definitely assist you all throughout your daylily planting process with daylily cultural notes.

When it comes to taking care of teeth daylilies, there is actually no big difference from taking care of the normal single flowered daylilies. You just have to ensure that you provide a conducive environment for the growth of these daylilies. It is best to plant them in an area where they could be able to receive adequate sunlight and shade at the same time. You should also ensure that you will be able to give them appropriate space for growth which is not that crowded of course. You should also see to it that you are able to provide teeth daylilies with the right type of fertiliser for optimum growth. These fertilisers should definitely be safe and as much as possible being all natural because you can be more sure that it will not cause any significant damage to the teeth daylilies. The highly recommended natural fertiliser is known as compost which you can even make right at your very own home in you backyard.

These are some of the most essential things that you need to remember when it comes to growing and planting teeth daylilies in Australia.

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