weeping cherry tree in bloom

Weeping Cherry Tree Caring Pink or White

Weeping Cherry Tree Planting and Caring Pink or White

weeping cherry tree in bloomThe Weeping Cherry is an ornamental tree bred for their very attractive flowers. These trees are called the weeping cherry as they have dropping and flexible branches that get completely covered with white or pink flowers that make you feel as if it is weeping from a distance. The flowers are seasonal and are in full bloom during the spring season.

More About Weeping Cherry Tree

These trees are the focal point in most of the home gardens in Australia and they do not grow too tall. Their pendulous branches that extend to the ground add attraction to any garden. They almost kiss the ground when they gracefully weep. The Prunus pendula will bloom only during the spring season and they come out in pink or white single or double flowers. The flowers will first be seen before the leaves start to emerge. After the branches have developed, they will become firm and stiff to carry all the lovely flowers. The flowers of the Weeping Cherry tree are small, but they are showy. You will find about 2 to 5 flowers in a cluster on the branches. Their limbs and trunk are black and heavy and hold an umbrella-shaped flower on their head. The tree grows to a maximum height of 15 feet to 25 feet and also spreads about 15 to 25 feet.

Growing Weeping Cherry

These trees can grow well in most gardens with minimal care they do not need a lot of maintenance. There are a few things that you need to know about the Weeping Cherry tree in order to grow the weeping cherry tree at its very best.

  • They need to be planted in an area where they will receive full sun and good air.
  • The spot where you plant this tree should not be too shady or crowded.
  • The soil must be well draining and moist one. It will grow well in this type of soil.
  • The trees need to be watered thoroughly after you plant them and until the tree is fully established.

How to Plant A Weeping Cherry Tree?

  • Dig a hole deep enough for the plant’s roots to be under the soil. The hole should be dug in a well-lit and airy area in your garden.
  • The roots of the weeping cherry tree need to be separated using your fingers and then carefully placed into the hole with the roots downwards.
  • Ensure the plant stays vertical in the hole and then put the soil into the hole to cover the roots fully.
  • While backfilling the soil, make sure that you water the hole to remove the air pockets.
  • Ensure that the plant is held firmly on to the soil by pressing your fingers around the plant on the soil.
  • Water the plant immediately after planting.

Caring for Weeping Cherry

The weeping cherry can be pruned after the flowers die. All dead limbs and water sprouts should be removed. Any suckers or other plants that grow around the base of the weeping cherry tree should be removed. Adding 2 inches to 4 inches of mulch around the tree will help in water retention and keeping the soil moist. Fertilising the plant during early spring will aid blooming.



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