Duranta Variety ‘Geisha Girl’ Care

How To Care For Duranta Variety ‘Geisha Girl’

Duranta repens 'Geisha Girl' flowering shrub

Durantas repens “Geisha Girl” is an upright plant meaning erecta, an evergreen bush grown above Sydney Australia or a deciduous shrub grown in a cool climate. It is an ornamental flowering shrub that belongs to the Verbena family. This is a tough variety that is capable of growing along side most plants. Durantas grows to a height of 2.5 metres tall and equally wide. These plants are native to South America, Caribbean, and Mexico and can tolerate hot and cold climates. The common names include pigeon berry and golden dewdrop. Geisha Girl flowers are, purple to deep blue in colour with a white centre and nice white wavy borders that flower in clusters on the boundaries of the branches, there is nothing else like them. There is a white pink variety, look out for his variety as well. The flowering period for Duranta repens variety “Geisha Girl” is from spring to autumn and it produces orange coloured berries containing the seeds. The foliage colour is deep green and has the weeping habit, while the stems may have auxiliary spines or thorns. This plant is a great addition to gardens with its strikingly coloured flowers and it can be used as a hedge plant or as a windbreak screen or topiary. This shrubby plant is easy to grow and it attracts bees, butterflies, and birds due to its colourful appealing blooms. Though the plant can become invasive if not clipped or pruned at regular intervals. It can be trimmed to create any shape. The berries and leaves are toxic to humans and animals. However, many birds enjoy these berries whilst spreading the seeds around the countryside, invading areas where it can be difficult to control.

Growing Conditions

Duranta loves full sun to achieve perfect foliage colour and for producing flowers, but it can tolerate partly shaded conditions as well. It grows well in loamy or sandy soils with pH 5.6 to 6.0. Duranta plants require moderate watering once they get established. Water them once in every 2-3 days. They are very sensitive to frost and should be kept protected from frost in colder months. Being quite a hardy plant overall, they can withstand drought once established. You do not have to water the plant 6-12 months after planting unless there is an extended dry period. While planting, allow enough space for the plant to spread out.


You can use general purpose fertiliser while planting Duranta.

  • Make sure that the fertiliser is not in contact with the stem of the plant.
  • You can use an organic fertiliser if the plant is planted during winter.
  • Additional fertilisers can be applied after pruning the plants after flowering.
  • You can also use slow release liquid fertiliser.
  • Slow fertilisers can promote abundant flowering and fruit formation.


It is easy to propagate this plant using hardwood cutting. The stem cuttings are of at least 5-8 inch size can be taken during the summer season. The lower tip of the stem cutting should be pushed into the soil. Roots will start developing very quickly. Applying rooting solution speeds up the rooting. The plant can also be grown from seeds.


The sprawling growth of the plant should be controlled by regular thinning and pruning. Pruning and thinning encourages bushy growth with more branches and flowers. These plants will continue to be more fabulous if the growth is controlled by thinning and pruning. It can be grown in containers on a porch, deck or on the patio. It can be grown as a Bonsai or as a decorative plant. Retaining a single trunk will create a tree. Pruning the tips regularly when the plant is young will help in producing a shrub. You can prune the plants annually after fruiting.



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