How to Make a Butterfly Garden

How do You Make a Butterfly Garden?

Attracting-and-benefiting-from-our-most-beautiful-pollinators.Do you want to have a very unique and attractive make over for your garden? You should definitely consider turning it into a butterfly garden. This will definitely add life to your garden by turning it into a majestic place with various coloured flowers and butterflies. You have to make sure that you are very wise when it comes to choosing the right flowers and plants for your garden to attract butterflies. There are certain plant varieties that attract butterflies, it is best that you also choose plants that serve as hosts for the butterflies so that they could reproduce within your garden. An adequate source of food for the butterflies is also important that is why you have to know which plants serve as a good food source for the beautiful butterflies. This can require a lot of effort and money but in the end, if you do things properly, you can see that all your hard work will definitely be worth it.

Design your Butterfly Garden

First of all, you have to choose a design inspiration for the entire look of your butterfly garden. You can search websites on the Internet for some ideas on butterfly gardens that you like or go and visit a butterfly garden in Australia to get some of the best ideas or you could even go to a library and borrow a book on Australian butterflies and gardens to give you some ideas. You can even design your own. It is best to draw a butterfly garden design on paper so you’ll have the basis that you want to achieve for this project. After deciding on the perfect look that you want to achieve, you can proceed to choose the plants for your garden.

Choosing Plants for your Butterfly Garden

Butterfly-GardenIt is best that you choose a sunny spot for your butterfly garden as butterflies don’t like a lot of shade, you can also find out which butterflies live best in your area.
Attracting butterflies to your garden is easy when you select the right plants to do this. Pay a visit to your trusted garden supplier for the best nectar rich flowers, plants and shrubs. If you do not have any idea regarding the plants that you should use. Then you don’t have to worry that much because your garden supplier will definitely guide you in choosing the best plants for your butterfly garden. It is best to remember that you make sure that you have host plants and nectar plants for your butterflies. To give you some idea, some of the host plants include Parsley and Milkweed. On the other hand, nectar plants include sedum matrona, aster, zinnia, bee balm, golden rod, pentas (tropical plants) and globe thistle are some of the best you can choose from. Some shrubby grevilleas, banksia even bottle brush trees provide


good protection as well as ample nectar for the butterflies. Make a checklist and make sure that you get all the plants that you need from your plant supplier to attract the butterflies to your garden.

Looking for Butterflies in your Butterfly Garden

You can spend hours in your garden looking for butterflies as some butterflies are hard to find because they are camouflaged, you may see the male butterflies first as they have brighter wings than the female butterflies but the females have larger wings. The butterflies come in all colours, reds, yellow, blue, black, green, orange and multiple colours of, aside from this, there are a lot of different species of butterflies in Australia that can visit your garden especially when you have a garden that is full of rich nectar plants and shrubs.

These are some of the steps on how you can definitely start transforming your ordinary garden into a butterfly garden.

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Trees Shrubs and Vines

Flowers and Bulbs

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