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Cover Up Daylilies Heat Frost Protection Spraying with Envy

Cover Up Daylilies Heat Frost Protection Spraying with Envy

Cover Up Daylilies Frost Heat Protect EnvyFrost and heat are the main problems that damage the leaves of the plant and affect its growth and flowering. It is necessary to cover up daylilies from the extreme cold temperature if you want to make the plant survive the extreme cold and frost. Envy is a unique polymer concentrate which is water emulsifiable and which when sprayed on the plants protects the plants from frost and water loss due to transpiration. This product is very useful in protecting the plants and trees from heat damages and windburns. It is capable of increasing the frost tolerance level of the plants by an extra 4 degrees. You can cover up daylilies without worrying about the protective covering impairing the photosynthesis or plant growth. It is also helpful in drought like situations as it acts as an anti-transpirant and reduces transpiration by 50%. This helps the plant to retain the moisture.

How Envy is useful?

  • Envy is a non-toxic product and has a neutral pH.
  • Envy is completely bio-degradable by the action of sunlight.Envy protects plants against frost moisture loss sunburn and windburn
  • It protects the plant from excessive transpiration and water loss during the summer.
  • It protects the plants from light and medium frost and to certain extends from the heavy frost.
  • It protects the plant from sunburn damages.
  • It protects the plants from salt spray and windburn.
  • It provides protection from wilting during the hot season.
  • It protects the plant while transplanting and transporting.

How to use Envy?

During heat, wind or frost, Envy can be used to cover up daylilies by mixing 50 ml to 100 ml of the concentrate in 1litre of water. Take water first in the spray tank and add envy to avoid foaming. You need to use fine pressure spray to cover the plant surface. You have to repeat the application every 2-4 weeks. When you are transplanting spray or dip the daylily plant in the diluted mixture. Make sure that you spray diluted envy at least 1 hour before transporting the plants. You should spray Envy, either after applying the pesticides or fertilisers or 10-14 days before the application of fertiliser. It is better to avoid the Envy application during the flowering season. Cover up daylilies with envy when there is sufficient sunlight to dry it. A minimum of 4 hours of sunlight is needed to dry the application. Apart from using envy to cover up daylilies and daylily seedlings, it can be used to protect other flowering plants such as  Clivias, Fuchsias, Gardenias, Bromeliads etc. Envy should be used for protecting daylilies when the air and water temperatures are more than 5 degrees.

How Does Envy work?

When the sprayed Envy gets dry, it forms a semi-permeable film on the foliage which helps to protect the plant from direct contact with frost or reduces water loss by transpiration. This is effective in reducing drought stress and helps in reducing the need for irrigation. Rinse the sprayer well with water immediately after use. You can store the undiluted Envy for about five years in well sealed containers away from heat and sunlight.



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