Importance Of Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants: What Is The Meaning Of Ornamental Plants?

 Ornamental plants gardensOrnamental plants are those plants which are grown for their aesthetic features in home gardens or in public places like parks. These plants have plant parts like leaves, flowers, stem, fruit or stem and foliage texture which are attractive to the people visiting the garden. These ornamental plants are grown in a garden for cut flowers, to create landscape designs or just to create a display. They have less functional use and most of them don’t have any value beyond the fact that they are attractive. There are different varieties of ornamental plants with different sizes, shapes and colour and which are suitable for different climatic ranges, soil types and gardening and landscaping needs. Some ornamental plants have brightly coloured foliage or needle shaped leaves or bright and attractive flowers. Ornamental plants can be grown in garden beds or as window plants in pots, according to their variety. Ornamental plants provide the best visual effect in any garden or space where they are placed. Rose, orchids, lilies, coleus, ferns, etc., are examples of ornamental plants. Herbs, vines, bushes and trees are also included in ornamental plants.

Daylily As Ornamental Plant

Daylily belonging to the Hemerocallis genus and is a flowering ornamental plant. The plant has large showy flowers. The flowers open in daylight and close during night and this is why they are named daylilies. They add colour to any garden and can be used as cut flowers in vases. Though there are about 15 original species of the daylilies, there are more than 35,000 hybrids of the plant. The mature plant clump produces 200-400 flowers during the flowering period and they are good for planting as single plants or in mass to cover a particular area in the garden or landscapes. There are daylilies with single layer of petals and double layer of petals. The planting and care of daylilies is simple and an ideal plant for home gardeners. The plant is hardy and can survive even when there is no proper care provided. They can survive in different soil conditions and are relatively resistant to pests and diseases.

Uses Of Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants are mainly used to enhance the beauty of a garden or home.

  • Flowering and non-flowering ornamental plants can be used in creating parks, different themed gardens, lawn borders, etc.
  • Raising and selling of ornamental plants are a good business.
  • The cut flowers from ornamental plants can fetch you economic benefits as they are used in various floral arrangements.
  • Apart from increasing the aesthetic value of the property, these plants also improve the quality of the space by acting as wind barriers, providing shade, cleaning up the pollutants in the air, reducing soil erosion and providing the habitat for animals and birds.

The ornamental plants placed indoors provide a good and pleasant ambience and also purifies the air. There are many perfumes made using the fragrance of the flowers. Attractive looking flowers and plants can influence you psychologically and keeps you happy. You can achieve a calm mind and healthy body by indulging in ornamental plants gardening.


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