Morning Glory Plant Vine Care

Morning Glory Vines – How To Grow Morning Glory From Seed?

Morning-Glory-Wide-Range-Of-ColoursThe Morning Glory, growing vines are one of the most common and easy types of flowering vines to grow. This vine is an annual climber with large and fragrant flowers. This means the vines will grow fast and will die each year and reseed if the seeds are let drop on your garden property. The Morning Glory can reseed with lots of new pants the following year, this is how these plants are known to become invasive. The botanical name of the plant is Ipomoea.

Popular Varieties

The common variety of Morning Glory is the ‘heavenly blue’ variety that has deep blue coloured flowers with white throats. This variety can climb up to 12 feet. The other popular variety of Morning Glory Vine is the Scarlett O’Hara that produces bright red flowers along with a white throat. This variety can climb up to 15 feet. They come in a massive mix of bright colours blue being one of the common colours. The carnival morning glory seeds are exotic and rare in Australia, the colour range is viewed in the hottest colour patterns. If you choose to grow these plants with striped hot colours, they will surely make a bold statement growing in a garden landscape.

More About Morning Glory Vines

The flowers of the Morning Glory plant will be in full bloom during the early morning. After a few hours, the flower will start to fade off and finally, the petals will show curling. There are a few morning glories that are night flowering blooms. These annual vines have slender stems and its trumpet-shaped flowers come in blue, pink, magenta or white colours. The fanning trumpet flowers of this annual climber are fragrant and it loves and needs full sun to produce loads of wide coloured blooms. The leaves of this annual are heart shaped. The Morning Glory is good at it and can climb over arches or pergolas or can also be used as ground cover. They reach a height of up to 15 feet in a season and will self-seed easily.

Planting Morning Glow seeds

  • The seeds need to be planted outdoors after the last frost warning. If they are grown indoors to start with, then start 4 to 5 weeks before the last frost possible.
  • Soaking the seeds overnight in water is a smart option as some seeds will not germinate that quickly.
  • It is better to grow the morning glories in one spot as they do not like transplanting. Placing it in a 2ft x 1.5ft container is ideal for outdoor planting.
  • As the seeds need well draining soil, it is important to prepare the soil thoroughly in advance and to use organic soil in the pot when planting the seeds.
  • Make a hole one inch high downwards into the soil and lace or sit the seed in the hole. Backfill to cover the seed lightly with the soil. Seeds need to be placed 6 inches apart.
  • The soil has to be kept moist till the leave starts to appear. It will take 5 to 21 days to germinate.
  • The indoor plants can be moved outside once the leaves start to appear.
  • It is important to provide a climbing structure, a solid wood or steel trellis for the tendrils to climb and wrap their climbing stems on, as the plant starts to grow.
  • They will even put up with high and very hot weather temperatures, throughout the summer.

Care for Morning Glory Vines

The adult Morning Glory Vines love to be placed in full sun, but can also tolerate light shade. They need to sit from watering, water sparingly and so make sure that you do not overwater the plant. It does not need a frequent dose of fertiliser and feeding it with organic fertiliser once a month, during the growing season is more than enough. The dead vines of the Morning Glory plants need to be removed during the winter period. They can be grown from stem cuttings in areas where you experience warmer climates.


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