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Peonies Care – How To Grow Propagate Peony Rose Flowers

Peonies buy in winter plant in autumn when dormant
Peonies are flowering plants native to Europe, Asia, and North America. These herbaceous plants usually grow to a height of 0.25 to 1 metre. Some woody varieties can grow up to 3 metres. The compound leaves are large and deeply lobed. The plant produces very fragrant flowers on long stems. The flowers come in a different colour range from pink, red, purple, white and yellow. The blooms can vary in size and each bloom lasts for a week and the blooming period is from late spring to early summer. The foliage of the plant lasts throughout summer. When planted properly, this plant requires the least amount of maintenance. In Australia, Peonies can be grown in colder regions like Victoria, Tasmania and in the mountain regions. Peonies are long lived plants and the plant can last for more than 100 years. Peonies need chill climate to form the buds. They are good as border plants and are good cut flower material.

How to Grow Peony Roses in Australia?

You need to plant peonies in deep humus rich soil that drains well. Always test your soil first before you add in lime. The soil pH preferred is neutral. This plant likes full sun however, it can manage with 6-7 hours of sunlight but needs to be planted where it will receive afternoon shade. As the plant needs proper food, air circulation and moisture, make sure that you provide enough space between the plants. These plants are relatively tolerant to drought but prefer moist soil. The tall varieties need support in the form of stakes or a trellis and needs protection from wind. Plant the tubers of peony with 3-5 eyes taken from 3 to 4 year old plants.
The best time to plant peonies is in autumn. You can also plant peonies in early spring.

How to Plant and Care for Peony Roses Grown in the Ground

  • Prepare the soil by adding general purpose fertiliser before planting.
  • The top of the tuber crown should be just 5 cm below the soil.
  • Watering is required during the first year till the plant gets established.
  • The plant takes a few years to establish and to bloom.
  • The plant needs mulching during the winter season in the colder regions.
  • Deadhead the flower stalks as soon the flowers begin to fade.
  • During the autumn, cut back the foliage to the ground level to protect the plant from diseases.


It is possible to propagate the peonies using seeds and by the division of tubers.

Propagation by seed

The seeds of species Peonies need exposure to two chilling seasons with a warm spell in between to ensure germination. The seeds are double-dormant and the roots will develop in the first chilling season while the stem and leaves appear during the second chilling season. You can sow the ripe seeds in late summer or during autumn in containers filled with potting soil.

Propagation by division

The best time to divide Peony tubers is during autumn. From the clumps, remove the sections of the crown with at least 3 growth buds and replant the buds in the soil. It will take one to two years for the new plant to establish. Deep planting or planting in a shady position all day will result in a lack of flowers.


The plants are generally hardy. The plant and its flowers are prone to fungal disease like botrytis blight and leaf blotch. They are also prone to ring spot virus and Verticillium wilt and stem rot as well.


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