Rockrose shrub with magenta flowers

Rock Rose Plant That’s Easy to Grow in the Garden

How to Cultivate and Raise Rock Rose Plant in the Garden

Rockrose shrub with magenta flowersIf you are looking to plant small flowering plants with large flowers that can cover the ground as an attractive low growing shrub, then Rock Rose is the best option. Rock rose plants produce attractive poppy like flowers during the spring time to the summer season. These plants belong to the Cistaceae family. During the bloom period late spring and into summer, the flowers abundantly cover these small shrub plants. Most of the Cistaceae plants are low shrubs and subshrubs and prefer to grow in sunny and dry, hot conditions. Pruned back and it will repeat out of season flowering.

More About Rock Rose Plants

The Rock Rose is an evergreen tough sun loving bushy sub-shrub that can even grow on neglect. It can withstand places with dry heat conditions out in the roaring sun and also regular strong salt laden winds making it also a great coastal plant. Once the plant gets established, it does not need serious care. The flowers of the plant are large and have some fragrance. They are pink, white, and yellow in colour. While its true that the rockrose flowers do not last for a long time in fact, the flowering time period for each flower is common with the daylilies, both flowers bloom for one single day, but the plant itself covered with blooms during the bloom period. The flowers are solitary and grow on cymes. If you notice the flowers have three to five petals and there are many stamens in the flower. These small plants grow from 3 to 5 feet and are ideal as border plants or for ground cover.

Growing Rock Rose Plants 

Where to plant the Rock Rose Plant? It should be placed in an area where it receives full sun. Rock roses are not fussy about soil but must grow in soil that drains well. They will not grow in shady regions and can tolerate dry periods. These shrubs can grow from seeds. But, a good option is to grow them from starter plants.

Propagating Rock Rose Plants

  • I would propagate the Rock Rose plant once every 4 to 5 years as the plants become woody after some time.
  • The plant should be dug out of the pot or land in which it is placed.
  • The best time for propagating rock rose is the springtime.
  • Divide the root crown of the plant with great care, as it is very delicate. The woody part of the plant must be thrown off.
  • Transplant the new siblings into a new pot. The soil type must drain well. The soil has to be stony and gravel filled. It should not have a lot of organic substances.
  • Dig a hole in the soil to a depth that can hold the delicate root ball of the plant. Cover the soil around the root ball and ensure that the plant fixes to the soil.
  • After planting, water slightly. You need to water the plant only once in a week till it gets established. After this, water the plant once in two to three weeks time.

Care for Rock Rose Plants

How to prune the Rock Rose Shrub? Rock rose shrub can undergo pruning to look attractive and to help it grow better. It is better to trim the plant during the bloom period. The salt sprays do not affect the Rock rose varieties this means they can thrive in coastal areas. They can be kept compact by pruning them to 1/3rd of its size after its full bloom. These plants will grow fast and die young, but they spread fast on the ground and are perfect to grow along pathways. The Rock rose plants do not need much maintenance and need little to no watering. So, it is a plant that is easy to raise in the garden. You might want to use it to add colour to a xeriscape garden.
The most common Rockrose is a perennial shrub Cistus Brilliancy purple rock rose which is covered in showy magenta flowers.



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