Attract Bees into your Garden

Attract Bees into your Garden & Pollinators by Planting lots of flowers

It is highly important for every garden lover to create a bee friendly garden in your home and to attract bees into your garden. The bees will thrive in a mixed garden, patio garden or in your backyard gardens where there are different varieties of plants and will not be attracted to areas where you just grow single crops.

Why are Bees Good for Your Garden?

attract-bees-into-your-gardenAs bees are the best natural pollinators they will help in growing more flowers, fruits and vegetables in your garden. One of the main reasons to attract bees to your garden is to increase the pollination in your garden and thereby grow more flowers like daylilies. Most of the flowers will have nectar, which is the main energy source for bees. It is very important for bees to get the necessary sugars from the nectar to have a balanced diet. The fat and the proteins needed by the bees are got from the pollen of the plant.

Favourite Flowers and Plants of Honey Bees

If you are looking to attract bees to your garden, then you must plant wild flowering plants and native plant species in your garden. Bees are attracted to these plants as they are a good source of nectar and pollen. It is also better to plant single flower single flowered plants that have extra pollen anthers rather than petals. Some of the colours that really attract the bees are: purple, yellow, violet, white and blue. So, planting these coloured flowering plants will make your garden sweet and bee friendly. Here is my list of great bee attracting flowers these are: Daylilies, Bearded Iris, Agapanthus, Aster, Bluebells, Hawthorn, Hellebores, Butterfly weed, Coneflower, Forget-me-not plant, Rosemary, Black eyed Susan, bee balm, clover, daisies, marigolds, Geranium, poppies, etc.

Tips on Setting a Bee Garden – Attract Bees into your Garden

These days more home gardeners are creating bee-friendly gardens in their backyards and the front space to help in pollination and nectar collection.

  • If you have a lawn at the front of your house, make sure that you plant single flowering plants of different varieties as borders for the lawn to attract and attract more bees into your garden.
  • It is also very important for you to plant native flowers in your garden to help in feeding the bees in your region.
  • Make sure that you do not plant highly hybridised flowering plants in your garden as they will not produce the required amount of pollens to attract bees into your garden.
  • It is ideal that you plant three varieties of flowering plants in your bee garden to cover all the three seasons like summer (bee balm, foxglove, Hosta, etc.), spring (wild lilac, hyacinth, daylilies, borage, etc.) and late autumn (asters, hazel, zinnias, etc.).
  • It is important for you to reduce the amount of pesticides you spray on the plants and flowers. Replace chemical pesticides with organic ones, but use them in limitations.
  • Give the bees lots of flowers and different varieties of flowers to feed on. Plant them close to each other as bees do not like to fly far and this will attract bees into your garden.

By following these few tips, you will be able to create a bee friendly garden and let nature pollinate a daylily and other garden plants for you in and around your home easily.




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