Potato vine flowering in my garden today

Which Is The Easiest Flower To Grow In Your Back Yard Garden

Know How To Grow Evergreen Potato Vine Plant In Your Garden

Potato vine flowering in my garden today

We are very impressed by how our potato vine has grown over the years in our garden. So, we thought we would share our experience with you how easy it is to grow.

It virtually grows on its own.

I like it because the plant can grow in the hottest summer sun as well as cold winters and really does show itself off when bursts into bloom.

If you happen to over prune the potato vine it will grow back in just a few months so it’s no big deal.

As they say, big hedge shears do a quicker job with just a few big snips and the job is done. Sharp pruners make the job too easy.

They are an easy to grow vine which makes it a popular plant amongst gardeners. Try growing it in hanging baskets, containers, over pergolas or arches or as a living fence it can grow in and over them all.

It looks great growing over an ugly trellis or wire fence, where it will send out a mass of blooms all along the 15 ft runners.

Potato vines are not fussy they will grow absolutely anywhere, but they do require some sun exposure to keep their leaves a lovely shade of dark green.

You never know when they will bloom other than when we see their main flowers in spring. They are really repeated bloomers and surprise you and bloom at any time. Its flowering now in autumn with my Chrysanthemums and Dahlias this one below is Buninyong Bronze and Dahlia Tartan.

A versatile plant that will even grow in any kind of soil including sandy beach soil along the coast. The vine will even grow at any pH scale. But it does demand a fence to hold on to for support otherwise it can’t support itself.

While the plant is a baby planted from tube stock you must water it to give it a chance of survival. After it is established there is no doubt it is the easiest flower to grow.

Chrysanthemum Bunningyon BronzeDuring dry conditions, they may wilt but it does not die as soon as the morning dew or the rains come it springs back to life. It’s a survivor.

It is important that you always prune and plant it in the spring and never prune it in the winter. This is the only demand it has otherwise the plant can be damaged. If you forget to fertilise it it’s not a problem.

My Dahlias autumn floweringIf the plant gets damaged by severe frosts just cut back the bad bits and new growth will appear from the roots and start a fresh.

When the plant gets advanced it will layer itself and you can transplant them wherever you would like them to grow.



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