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Spider Daylilies Australia – Spider and Unusual form Daylilies

Spider Daylilies all about spider dayliliesIf you want to grow a special type of daylilies, you should definitely consider the spider daylilies. These daylilies are said to be really attractive and unique. They are not your ordinary kind of daylilies and they can definitely brighten up a dull looking backyard and they are long blooming daylilies. First of all, you have to make sure that you understand what spider daylilies really are. You might mistaken such daylily specie as another kind of plant that’s why you have to be really careful.

The spider daylilies are described to have long petals and even sepals, brought together, these plant structures are generally known as tepals.  It must be fully understood that not all the varieties of spider daylilies are actually called “spider”. On the other hand, not all the plant varieties with the word “spider” in it are already considered a spider daylilies. This type of daylilies is specifically called “spider” because of their long petals that curl and twist, on some long petaled spider varieties. The ratio of the spider daylilies when it comes to length are really long enough.  The ratio of the spider daylilies when it comes to length and width is actually 5:1 or higher, a spider variant requires a petal length to width a minimum of 4:1 without exceeding 5:1 this means that spider daylilies are considered to have some of the longest petals. You can identify and properly measure the length of the daylily petals by means of a specific measuring method, this is the formula used to give you the ratio of spider daylilies, you first measure the length of the daylily petal and divide length by the width of the daylily petal and this gives you the ratio of the spider daylilies.

A beautiful cultivar – Skinwalker – Soft lavender with a green throat. The petals and sepals twist gracefully. This spider daylily grows into an outstanding stunning clump. Harris Olson Spider Award for Best Spider 2004. Some other daylily varieties I have in my daylily collection in Australia are Bali Watercolor, Black Plush, Blakeway Spiderman, Bold One and Brer Rabbits Baby.

Types of Spider Daylilies

There are various types of these Spider daylilies that you can definitely choose from like Ufo’s and unusual spider daylilies. The Ufo’s and unusual form daylilies are only based on form or shape, they are broken down into three classes.

  1. Crispate – this class is described as pinched or folded, twisted and quilled
  2. Cascade – these spiders are described as curly or cascading
  3. Spatulate – these spider daylilies are wider at the ends of the petals of the daylilies just like a kitchen spatular

No matter the type of daylily, these daylilies still come in different colours which can definitely spice up the look Dizzy Miss Lizzy - SPIDER DAYLILIES in Australiaof your home garden. If you finally decide to grow spider and unusual forms daylilies, you have to make sure that you know how to take care of them properly. Like any other types of daylilies, spider daylilies a popular perennial the genus Hemerocallis require proper care and maintenance, proper environment and of course, proper nourishment. You have to make sure that you will be able to choose a perfect area for growing these plants. They need adequate space with at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. If you are successfully able to grow these spider daylilies, you will definitely see that all your efforts are truly worth it.

Spider and unusual form daylilies can be considered as one of the most attractive and unique kinds. With their long petals, they can definitely stand out in a garden. It is best to grow the spider daylilies outside, right in your backyard. You can choose to combine daylilies by companion planting with various plant species to make your garden look more attractive. You do not necessarily need to be an expert in gardening just to be really successful in growing your spider daylilies. As long as you follow the right techniques and procedures, you can definitely be able to grow your spider daylilies properly and effectively.

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