Chinese ground orchid plant easy to grow

Chinese Ground Orchid Care

Chinese Ground Orchid Flower All That You Wanted To Know

Chinese ground orchid plant easy to growThe Chinese Ground Orchid is an easy-to-grow orchid variety that is native to China, Korea, Japan and Myanmar. This flowering plant belongs to the family Orchidaceae. Its botanical name is Bletilla Striata. These plants produce pleated leaves that are very slender. It is a perennial orchid that is most suited for rock gardens, to grow indoors or to add colour to any garden. The plant flowers during springtime when you can spot a stem of mauve pink orchid flowers on the arching stems. Occasionally, you can spot the Chinese Ground Orchid with white flowers.

Details of Chinese Ground Orchid

The Chinese Ground Orchid plant prefers to grow on normal or clay soil. It does not need a lot of care and attention. The plant can grow to a height of 20 to 30 cm or 8 to 12 inches. The slender leaves of this perennial orchid are deep green in colour. The size of the flower heads is medium and you mostly get deep pink flowers. These plants spread about 20 to 30 cm and have a very slow growth rate. The Chinese Ground Orchids are commonly used as medicinal plants in Asia to treat ulcers. They can be grown as cut flowers and in pots and containers. There will be a flower spike on every new shoot even before the leaves are developed. There are about 14 deep pink flowers that grow from every new shoot. It flowers during late spring and each clump will have dozens of flower spikes.

How to Grow Chinese Ground Orchids?

The Hardy Orchids or the Chinese Ground Orchids are easy to grow for any beginner. They need to be grown on well-draining soil and they prefer to grow in areas where they get morning sun and the shade of the afternoon. These plants grow from corm-like false bulbs which are modified versions of the stem of the plant. The soil to grow Chinese Ground Orchids must be moist and well draining. The soil must be treated with organic manure and compost. If the top soil is not nutritious enough the plant will take longer to grow. The pseudobulbs of the Chinese Ground Orchids have to be planted in the soil during its dormant stage, that is during late autumn to early spring. This will help the plant to bloom during late spring or early summer. The corms have to be planted an inch or two deep into the soil. In colder regions, you can plant it at a depth of 4 inches. Water the soil when it is almost going to get dry. Never overwater the soil as this will prevent its growth.

Chinese Ground Orchid Care Tips

  • The deep or light pinkish or bluish-lavender coloured flowers will appear on the stems of this orchid perennial that are about 18 inches long.
  • The flowers will be about ½ to 2 inches long and there will be 3 to 5 flowers on each stem.
  • The flowers fade during the autumn period and after this, the leaves will start to turn yellow. Stop watering the plant when the leaves die.
  • You can deadhead the spent flowers to encourage flower growth for the next bloom season.
  • Take care when weeding as the Hardy Orchids have shallow roots.
  • They will spread to develop generous clumps. The clumps can be separated and grown to encourage growth and flowering.


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