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Wood Ash Garden Fertiliser

Wood Ash Garden Fertiliser

WoodAshAll things considered, wood ash is something that can be added in the soil for the greater benefit of plants, after all, you need to know what wood ash is and what characteristics it has, that makes it very helpful for soil enrichment and plant growth.

What is in wood Ash for fertiliser and more

Wood ash is known to be the powder that is left formed, right after a piece of wood undergoes combustion by means of burning. You can get wood ash from simple bonfires, stoves that use wood and even from some power plants that primarily use wood for their production work. Individuals think that wood ash is not really useful and they are just considered as waste products. What they are not aware of is the fact that wood ash is actually very helpful when it comes to the growth of plants. Wood ash can be a natural source of different elements and minerals that are essential in keeping the plants healthy. Wood ash is also known to have the famous liming effect. This effect is known to serve as a treatment for soils that become truly acidic and eventually ineffective to keep the health of the plants properly, in other words, wood ash does what garden lime does without the price tag, it increases the alkalinity in the soil. It is also known to help build a strong root system for plants because it contains some of the most important minerals of phosphorus, magnesium calcium and potassium, which are the most essential nutrients for plants like plants, this helps them to grow and thrive.
Wood ash is very easy for country people to obtain here in Australia, this is their only form of heating, the wood stove for hot water and the log fire for keeping warm.

When Can I Use Wood Ash For My Plants?

You have to remember that there is always the most appropriate time for you to use wood ash for your plants in Australia. First of all, it would be best if you blend the wood ash to the soil for your plants during the winter season. During this time, the soil is known to be moist and this will effectively facilitate the reaction between the natural minerals in wood ash and plants. You should do this by digging the wood ash into the soil properly. You can also do this by combining the wood ash with your compost material for your soil. You have to ensure that you will just use enough, the right amount of wood ash because too much of it can be damaging not only to the plants but even to the soil.

How to Use Wood Ash in your Garden

You need to know and understand how you should use wood ash properly for your plants. Again, like what has been previously stated, you have to ensure that you only apply enough amounts of wood ash. You can add the wood ash to your compost material and make sure that they blend really well. You should see to it that you will not recognise the wood ash after mixing it into the compost.  You can add the wood ash at a rate of 50 to 70 grams for every square metre. You have to make sure that you filter the wood ash properly or sieve it to ensure that there would be no debris that will eventually be added to the soil. Make sure that you wear a mask and gloves so that you will protect yourself from being exposed to the wood ash too much. You can use the wood ash for your garden plants and even your vegetable gardens. You can especially use this when it comes to maintaining your plants properly. You should not expose the wood ash in the rain because excessive moisture can alter the properties of the said material when it comes to promoting the growth of plants.

These are some of the most important things that you definitely need to know about wood ash and how they can be very helpful to your plants.
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