Mosquito Bites Natural Ways Stop Itching

Mosquito Bites – All You Need to Know

The Culicidae, or mosquito, is a small runt like fly that is particularly bothersome to people and plants alike. As spring time and warmer weather approaches in Australia, the desire for outdoor activity increases which means more exposure to these bugs. Mosquito bites alone are not expressly painful even when they leave behind irritating, red bumps. These itch inducing pests have the ability to carry potentially life threatening disease throughout the world because they survive off of the female sucking the blood of living animals, including humans. Mosquito bites can also just be plain annoying with the buzzing sounds they make when they fly around your head or at night in the bedroom. So it’s no wonder why the business of repelling mosquitoes experiences a boom in warm weather seasons. Along with other chemicals, many commercial mosquito repellents contain up to 5 to 25 percent DEET which may be toxic and harmful, especially to children. Children who are overexposed to DEET have been known to experience seizures, slurred speech, hypotension and bradycardia. Fortunately, there are less toxic and more natural ways to repel mosquitoes.

Natural Mosquito repelling plants: Domestic and Wild

Stop Mosquito Natural Ways Bites ItchingYour home garden may be the answer to control as well as relieving you and your family from mosquito infestation by planting some mosquito repellent plants in your yard. One of the most common, highly effective mosquito repelling plants is citronella. The strong scent produced by citronella masks other attractants from mosquitoes so that they cannot find you and the living plant has the strongest aroma. Horsemint, also known as lemon balm, is a perennial plant that repels the pesky mosquito and operates in much the same way as citronella. Lemon balm also promotes relaxation and alleviates stress and anxiety. Both horsemint and citronella can be used typically to drive away pests. Catnip is also a natural mosquito repellent and has been proven to be 10 times more effective than DEET along with being safer. You want to plant these somewhere in your garden or yard where they will effectively deter pest, for example around your barbecue area primarily in a location where the breeze will move in a direction where you require protection, for example, if you receive a lot of breeze from the North, plant your scented leaf pelargonium citronella or other mosquito repelling plants on the north side of your barbecue area. There are also some wild plants known for rebuffing this bug. Sagebrush, Wormwood, and Mugwort are plants that are found in the wild, which can be used as aromatic smudges that are known to be very effective mosquito repellents.

How to Make Natural Mosquito Repellent Recipe

When you’re not in your own garden or yard, you still will need protection from the pesky mosquito. You can use some of the same plants to form your personal, on-the-go pest protectant. You may crush the leaves of plants like citronella and sagebrush and apply them directly to your skin for relief from pests or use them to make some spray. The oil that is released when you crush the leaves are mixed with vodka, which is a repellent in its own right, to produce a powerful mosquito defender. After sitting for about 12 hours, the mixture will be ready for use just like any store bought product.

Additional Tips on Repelling Mosquitoes

Other factors may influence the level of attraction you have for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes locate their prey by the carbon dioxide and other byproducts they breathe out. Eating less processed foods and sugars can cut down on mosquito attacks as they are more attracted to people that do not follow a healthy diet of whole natural foods like grains, nuts, vegetables and fruit. Perfume attracts mosquitoes as well as dark coloured clothes.

Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching Naturally

I know once the mosquitoes have bitten you, you can’t help but itch and itch and itch well it is not hard to stop the inch. The best way I know of how to stop itchy mosquito bites within two minutes all you have to do is get a bar wet soap and rub the soap on the mosquito bite and let the soap dry on your skin in no time you will have forgotten about the mosquito and the itch. The next best way of how to relieve mosquito bite itch is by dabbing tooth paste on the bite. Now you have plenty of options to keep you and your family mosquito bite free to enjoy the summer warm weather and outdoors the natural way.

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