Toad Lily Flower Plant Care

Toad Lily Plant Grows In Shade Gardens

Toad-Lily-Grow-Best-Full-Shade-All-DayToad Lily Plants are also known as the Hairy Toad Plants. They are hardy perennial plants that belong to the lily family. The binomial name of the Toad Lily Plant is Tricyrtis Hirta and it belongs to Liliaceae family and the order Liliales. They are native to Japan and are seen commonly on stream banks and shaded rocky terrains. The flowers are the most attractive part of the Toad Lily Plant, they have thick and waxy flowers. The plant blooms from whitish to pale purple colours. These plants are most suited for beds and borders, waterside and for ground covers.

More About Toad Lily Plant

The flowers of the Toad Lily Plant are bell-shaped or star-shaped depending on the variety of the plant. The flowers will be blooming on the axles of the plant. The stems of the plant are upright and arched. These stems hold attractive looking flowers. Even though the flowers of the Toad Lily Plant come in different colours, most of the flowers will have clear spots seen on them. This is how the Toad Lilies are recognised. They reach a height of 1 to 3 feet and the funnel-shaped flowers normally come in white colour with purple spots. The flowers and the leaves of the Toad Lilies are showy in nature. Toad Lily Plants are fast growing and also spread very quickly to about 1 to 3 feet or 1 metre even.

Growing Toad Lily Plant

Toad Lilies prefer to grow in partial or full shaded areas in gardens. They can be grown in containers and care must be taken that the soil does not go completely dry. They can tolerate morning sun but needs to be in the shade during the afternoon period. The soil has to be a well-draining one and also should be moist all the time.

Growing Toad Lilies From Seeds

  • Sow the seeds of the Toad Lilies directly on the garden soil during early spring or late autumn.
  • The seeds have to be sown on a moist area. The soil has to be moist till the plant germinates.
  • The Toad Lily Plant will germinate within 4 to 6 weeks of sowing.
  • If you are sowing the seeds indoors, then place the fresh Toad Lily seeds in the refrigerator for about a month before planting the seeds.

Propagating Toad Lilies

  • The Toad Lily Plant can be easily propagated. You need to cut 4-inch stems from the plant during early summer before the flowers start to show up.
  • The cutting must have a couple of leaves on the top of the stem and all other leaves have to be removed.
  • Place the lower end of the cutting in a rooting medium till the leaf axis and allow it to form roots in a warm and bright area.
  • A new plant will start to develop from the base of the leaf.

Caring of Toad Lily Plant

Toad Lilies require very minimal care. It is important to keep the soil of the Toad Lily moist and not soggy. The soil must never be allowed to dry out completely. Adding organic fertiliser will ensure better plant growth and bloom. The best time for root cuttings is during the summer time and the best time to divide the Toad Lily Plants is during the spring time.


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