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Should I Eat Daylilies?

Eat Daylilies Flowers See How

Dwarf daylily flowering stemsI am sure you are aware of how beautiful daylilies are and how they can be greatly used to decorate your home or your backyard. I got an email just the other day a lady in NSW Australia asking me if they can eat daylilies this is what prompted me to write this article. The answer to this query. The answer is yes you can eat daylilies they can be eaten and used to garnish with different kinds of dishes.  Daylilies are actually edible and they have a unique taste that most people definitely enjoy.  It has even been considered that daylilies are a staple food in different parts of the world, especially in Asia. Different parts of the daylilies are actually used for different recipes like salads and even main courses. The leaf shoots, buds and even flowers are the ones used to add a unique flavour to certain dishes. Before you try to eat daylilies, you have to make sure that you will be able to prepare them well and make sure that you are eating a daylily and not a lily.

How to Identify a Daylily Plant

These are the four parts of the daylilies to look for to positively identify a daylily plant. People have been eating these plants for a long time without being poisoned.

Daylily Roots
Daylily Foliage
Flower Stalk or Flowering Stem
Daylily Flowers

How to Cook Daylilies

First of all, you have to properly acquire the daylilies, making sure that you expose all of its parts together with the tuberous roots. You have to clean them properly first before you store them or directly cook them or add them in your favourite dishes. You can use your garden hose and its spray nozzle to completely clean the leaves, the buds, the blooms and the tuberous roots. You have to make sure that no traces of dirt, especially soil particles, will be left on the plant. When it comes to the blooms, it is best to get them when they are almost full grown. This is the time when they are considered to have the most flavour.

The edible daylily parts are the flowers, flower buds, stalks or scape, you can cut the flower buds just like, green beans. If you are not yet ready to cook them, you can also store them in your refrigerator for future use.

Before Adding Daylilies To Your Favourite Dishes

Edible dayliliesBefore you add the daylilies, whatever the part may be, to your favourite dishes, it would be best if you boil them in water with salt for a few minutes. It is advisable that you boil them for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This method will not only clean the daylilies but it can also bring out the flavour that these precious plants really have. The taste of the daylilies is described to be buttery. If you want, you can add other flavourings or seasonings to complement the natural buttery taste. If you want its natural taste, you can leave it that way and directly add them to your dishes after boiling.

You can use the different parts of the daylilies in making salads. They are commonly used in such type of food. Combine them with some rich dressing and you can definitely have one scrumptious salad meal. You can also combine these plants with meat to create your most favourite main courses or dishes.

These are some of the most important things that you definitely need to know about daylilies and their use in food.Decadent Daylilies


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