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Arum Lily Care – Growing Arum Lily Calla Lily Zantedeschia Hybrids

Arum Lily Zantedeschia Aethiopica calla genus and still carries the common name of Calla LilyZantedeschia with the common name arum lily or calla lily. Arum lilies are not true lilies but are a tuberous perennial belonging to the Araceae family. The plant produces spectacular flowers. This plant is suitable to grow in gardens, cottage gardens, balconies, parks, terraces and informal gardens. The plant forms clumps of upward facing arrow shaped leaves. The flower stalk is rigid and flower spathes are funnel shaped and are produced at the end of the thick flower stalk. The flower spathe encloses the yellow coloured spadix. The flowering season is in late winter. The usual flower colour of the species includes white or pale pink and green with white centres, there is also a variegated variety. When grown in places with favourable conditions, the plant can become invasive.

Large Popular Arum Lily Varieties Are:

Arum Lily Green Goddess – has green flowers with white centres and a yellow finger shaped spike known as the spadix. Green goddess has the longest lasting flower of the large arum lilies.

Arum Lily Pink Mist – has white flowers blushed with pink, stronger pink around the pink spadix. A more delicate plant to grow.

Arum Lily White Gnome – pure white flowers with bright yellow spandex in the centre of the flower.

Zabtedeschia hybrids varieties are available in different vibrant colours some popular varieties are calla lily hot chocolate, majestic red, mango and black star. They make excellent cut-flower for wedding celebrations and are a popular choice for bridal bouquets.

Growing Conditions for Arum Lily

Arum lilies can be grown in any area where it is naturally damp or where it can be watered regularly. The best position to plant them is places receiving half day sun or filtered light. Watering is necessary during the dry season. Before planting arum lilies prepare the soil by adding a complete fertiliser or loam based compost for plants grown in containers. Make sure that the rhizome of the plant is placed in the soil with the eyes towards the uppermost soil level. Plant the bulbs at least 3 inches deep. The spacing between each plant should be at least 25 -30 cm. During each spring you need to additionally feed the plant with a low nitrogen fertiliser. Arum lilies will form large clumps within 3 years and may need division. To avoid extreme winter, dig up the plant rhizomes during the first frost in autumn. Store them in a dry and dark area after cleaning and drying the rhizomes for a few days. You can start your lilies during late winter by planting them in pots during late winter and can transplant to the garden bed during the spring.

Whats the Difference Between Arum Lily and Calla Lily

The difference between the arum and calla lilies is only their size. The arum lily is much taller and a larger flower than the calla lily but the calla lily comes in many more colours than the arum lily.

How to Grow Arum Lilies

The easiest way to propagate or grow arum lilies is by the division of the plant bulbs called rhizomes. Division is usually done during the spring. You will need a flowering size bulb to produce good lily flowers each season, bulbs too small will not flower. The flowering size bulbs should grow baby bulbs known as bulbils from the previous season. The arum lilies take 3 years to flower from bulbils. The rhizomes which are kept safe during winter can be cut into smaller sections with at least one developing eye/bud in it. Replant them under deciduous trees even in filtered light but not in the hot overhead sun otherwise, the leaves will scorch and burn.

You can also grow arum lilies from seeds, plant the seeds during spring or summer. Plant the seeds in seed raising mix and a warm bright environment with average humidity. Germination of the seeds will occur within 1- 3 months. The seeds require an ideal suitable temperature and moisture of 15 C to germinate.

Growing Arum Lilies in Pots

You can use containers like pots, urns and tubs to grow arum lilies. You can fill the containers with any good quality and well drained soil or potting medium. The container should have drainage holes. Plant the rhizomes with the top of the tuber exposed to the eyes facing upward. Water the arum lilies generously after planting in containers. Roots and new sprouts will be formed within a few weeks depending on availability conditions. Cut flowers during the blooming time to have and enjoy long lasting blooms indoors. The plant will start the next growing cycle after a few months rest during winter.

Giving Arum Lilies proper care and conditions, them and calla lilies will grow by displaying beautiful flowers in your garden yearly.


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