picture of a succulent ball how to put together

Instructions Make Succulent Ball

 How to Make Succulent Ball From Scratch

A succulent ball can be the focal point of your home garden during the summer. This ball gives a three dimensional structure to your garden. You will be able to hang it on trees in your garden, or can hang it using hooks from the pergola, porch, deck, balcony, etc. You will be able to provide an amazingly attractive treat for the people visiting your garden with the help of succulent ball created with proper imagination.

Things you will requirepicture of a succulent ball how to put together

To create the hanging succulent ball you will need

  • Two hanging baskets frames
  • Foam blocks from the florist x 2 one for each basket
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Cactus Soil
  • Metal chains
  • Metal wires
  • Cardboard – for sliding the basket on to the other basket
  • Fishing line – to hold on the sphagnum moss before planting
  • Succulent plants – suitable succulents are flattened rosette type succulents ‘Hens and Chickens’
  • Screwdriver

 Instructions Make Succulent Ball

  1. Remove the metal chains from the hanging baskets and place them on a level surface.
  2. Place the foam block in the centre of each basket. Using foam blocks inside the succulent ball will help in reducing the weight while hanging the finished ball. The foam will also retain the water for the succulents, when you water the plants. This will reduce the need for watering the ball.
  3. Fill the space around the foam using the cactus soil in both baskets. Make sure that the top portion is levelled after filling the soil.
  4. Now take the cardboard which has more surface area than that of the ball, and place it over one of the half baskets filled with soil.
  5. Flip the basket covered with cardboard on to the other basket with care, so that no soil is lost from any of the baskets. Slowly pull out the cardboard between the baskets.
  6. Using the metal wires secure the two baskets together to form a full round ball.
  7. Take the moss in a container and add enough water to make it wet. Mix thoroughly and place the wet moss over one half of the ball till it gets covered.
  8. Take fishing line and tie one end of it to the metal basket covered with moss and wrap the moss in the net so that the moss remains in place. If you feel that it is difficult to do this process alone, you can get your friends or family members to help you.
  9. Now, turn the ball and spread the wet moss on top of the other half by placing it on a wide mouthed pot.
  10. Separate your succulents and if the plants are longer, remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem. It is better to select cold hardy succulent varieties to plant in the succulent ball
  11. Insert a screwdriver into the moss through to the soil if needed into the succulent ball to create a hole to plant the succulents. You can place the succulents at short gaps and secure them by pressing the moss around the roots of the plant.
  12. You can allow at least 3 months time for the plants to establish and hang it upright using the metal chains. You can keep the ball in a pot or container till it is ready to hang. Add new plants to any bare area on the succulent ball.
  13. You need to water the ball once in a week to make sure the succulents grow well to look good.

Lets hope our instructions ‘make succulent ball’, Succulent kissing ball or Succulent Sphere, help you have great success in making your own succulent creations.


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