Moses In The Cradle Plant Care

How to Grow and Care For Moses In the Cradle?

Moses In the cradle plant propagation care guideMoses-in-the-cradle is one of the most chosen tropical perennial plants that you can grow in your garden. Its main attraction is the duo toned leaves. Full green leaves are backed deep purple, they are a sensational colour. It is a must in every garden that lives without frost in Australia and I will grow wherever there is full sunlight or light shade. This plant will only grow well in warm tropical regions. It is cultivated as ornamental plants in many countries. Its botanical name is Rhoeo spathacea and is also known as Stripe Me pink or Moses in the basket commonly. The small white flowers that bloom within the purple bracts shaped like a boat are located between the base of the leaves give the plant its name. Moses in the cradle is poisonous.

Description of Rhoeo spathacea

The Rhoeo spathacea is an attractive evergreen perennial that has waxy leaves. It has a very short stem and it grows in an upright position. The leaves of the plant are sword shaped and I grow about 30 to 40 cm in height and about 3 to 4 inches wide. It is a summer houseplant that loves humidity and thrives in tropic and full sunlight conditions. It does not require regular watering once it gets established. The leaves are dark green above and have a glossy rich purple shade underneath. Their colourful comparisons of foliage is what attracts many home gardeners to buy and plant them in their gardens. Another variety of Moses in the cradle is one that has white stripes on the plain green portion and this is what is called as the ‘stripe me pink’. They can be used as border plants, to cover grounds or can be grown in pots.

How to Grow Moses in the Cradle?

The Moses in the cradle is very easy to plant and to grow and has much to offer. It needs to be planted in areas where there is maximum sunlight. Planting it in your garden where there is 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily will help it to grow faster. The soil in which you are planting the Moses in the cradle needs to be fertile and well-draining soil. The clumping perennial will easily spread quickly over a large area and you should not plant two plants very close to each other. Propagate, if you are looking to grow new plants, then all you need is to break some of the Moses of the cradle from the main clump and then replant it in, properly drained aerated soil. The soil does not have to be unduly fertile. The plant needs a good amount of watering in the growing stage. Once it is established, it does not need too much watering. These plants can be propagated by plant division and leaf cuttings.

Rhoeo discolor Stripe-me-PinkCaring for the Moses in the Cradle

  • It must only be grown in bright sunlight in order to get the best coloured leaves.
  • You should allow the highest one or two inches of top soil to dry out before watering. The soil needs to be kept drier during the winter. The tender perennial will not tolerate frost. Frost will kill them, with the slightest amount of frost plants collapse and turns soft and mushy.
  • Feeding with a well-balanced fertiliser or topdress with homemade compost during the spring and the summertime will help the plant to grow well.
  • If you are looking to start a new plant from the clump, then you need to plant it during the springtime. This is the same time you should think of repotting the Moses in the cradle.
  • Pruning the plant will help it to grow healthy and bushy. The ideal time to prune the plant will be during the spring.



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