Pink Belladonna Lilies growing in my garden

Naked Ladies Belladonna Lilies

Naked Ladies Planting In Your Garden

Pink Belladonna Lilies growing in my gardenBelladonna lilies are also known as naked lilies or March lily is a popular ornamental plant which is native to the Cape Province in South Africa. Naked Ladies are also cultivated in different other parts of the world such as Mexico, Australia, Cuba, New Zealand, etc. The funnel shaped flowers are produced on a leafless or naked stem and hence the name naked lady. The scientific name of this plant is Amaryllis belladonna. It is very easy to cultivate and is tolerant of various climatic and soil conditions. The bulbs of this plant have a long dormant state. The leaves of the plants may get damaged when exposed to temperatures below -50 C. This bulbous plant will produce leaves during the autumn and will die out by late spring. The bulb will remain in a dormant state till late summer.


In my garden, the belladonna lilies grow from large bulbs and produces stout stem which are at least 75cm tall. The stem bears clusters of trumpet shaped and fragrant flowers. The flower colour ranges from white and shades of pink depending on your climate. The leaves are long and strap like and remain lush green and attractive during winter. During late spring or during early summer, the leaves would die off. During the growing season, early February the plant bulb produces on average two stems which will bear clusters of flowers ranging from 2-12.

Amaryllis Belladonna Hathor – White Version

This variety produces creamy white fragrant blooms and the flowers have a gold coloured throat. Flowers are produced from summer to autumn. The flowers have a long lasting vase life and grow well, even when planted in containers.

Growing ConditionsWhite Belladonna lily variety Hathor

Amaryllis plants like hot and dry conditions and require a sunny position in the garden. It can be grown well in Australian conditions except for the hot tropic areas. The plant is tolerant of drought conditions and requires very little watering even in dry conditions. The large bulbs and fleshy roots help to withstand dry conditions. It can also tolerate light shades. This plant prefers well drained soil and grows well in different types of soil. Keep the soil around the plant moist during the growing season and allow the soil to remain dry during the dormant period.

How to Plant Naked Ladies?

This plant is tolerant to neglect by the gardeners and can grow well among rocks. The bulbs of the plant should be placed in the prepared soil with the neck just above the soil level. Plant each bulb at least 8-12 inches apart to allow good space for the plant to grow. After planting, apply an inch layer of mulch or compost to cover the soil. The dormant period is the best time to divide and plant the bulbs.

  • What to do When Naked Ladies Flowers Die Off?

Leave the flowers to die off and a bunch of pink seeds will form naturally after each flower. You can use the fleshy light pink seeds to propagate the plant. When the seeds are sown on the potting mix they will germinate within two weeks if the soil is kept moist. They can also be easily grown in pots. Once established these bulbs are self sufficient and requires the least attention.

  • What to feed Naked Ladies Bulbs?

Compost provided in the growing season is enough to feed the plant and to produce blooms. These bulbs are suitable for Xeriscape Gardening.

  • How many flowers do Belladonna Lilies have?

Our Belladonna lilies produce between 9 and 16 flowers per stem (pictured is a flowering stem with 14 flowers at the below link)

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