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Seed Tips for Storing Seeds – Preparing Seeds For Planting

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If it is your first time to try out gardening or planting, to save the seeds of your favourite plant you may definitely have a lot of questions when it comes to handling the seeds properly. The seeds can be very fragile and it is important that you take the necessary precautions for you to be able to grow the seed properly. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in gardening just to be successful in your new endeavour. As long as you follow several tips and techniques in growing seeds then there will definitely be no problem.

Here are some of the most helpful and useful tips that you can use to help you to store and prepare seed the right way before planting.


Make sure to have a good storage area to preserve seeds for future use

First of all, when it comes to acquiring your seeds, you have to make sure that you have already prepared a good storage area for them. As previously stated, these small materials can be generally considered as fragile. If they are not stored properly, their viability and efficiency for growth can be greatly affected. The most conducive environment for proper seed growth involves cold temperature, dark lighting and most importantly, low humidity. This is the general preference of the storage of seeds. Some special seeds may require extra conditions and you should be aware of that upon purchasing them.

Some seeds have to be specially prepared before planting, so this gives them a higher rate of germination. Some seeds, will not naturally germinate on their own.

The conditions of preparing seeds they should mimic conditions from their natural habitat here are some examples

  • While some seeds require cold treatment, for example, chilling underground through the winter is necessary before germination is able to take place.
  • Some seeds need to undergo heat from a hot fire to trigger germination.
  • Different seeds varieties need smoke to help them germinate and grow.
  • Few seeds need to be fermented before they will grow.
  • Some seeds need soaking before sowing this aids in quicker germination
  • Other seeds need bottom heat at special temperatures.

Some seeds need to go through a process called seed stratification so they germinate successfully

  • This involves preparing the seeds so that they will experience a procedure of an artificial ripening practice so that the seeds have a greater chance of germination. This means that you have to prepare the seeds to break their dormancy to help in germination through seed stratification process. Stratification of seeds involves scratching the surface of the hard seed coat with a nail file, or a pointy object such as a pin to break into or crack into to get through the hard outer surface of the seed. Once this is done then water is able to penetrate the seed which makes the seed soft this making the seed able to germinate.

It is important that seeds must have the right amount of oxygen, light, heat or water to have any chance of germinating. So be aware of these needs to prepare seeds before you plant them otherwise you maybe wasting your time and effort.

How to Grow Your Favourite Seeds

picture display seeds spilling out of hessian bagThings that you have to remember is the prevention of overcrowding. You have to make sure that you use containers which are large enough for your seeds. Give your seeds enough space to grow freely and to maximise their capacity. When choosing containers, you can use plastic pots or even recycle your used plastic containers just as long as you facilitate proper drainage by adding small holes at the bottom.

Ensure seeds are in proper contact with the soil

Involves ensuring that the seeds are in proper contact with the soil. If the seeds are in proper contact with the soil, having the right moisture, germination can easily be achieved.

Ensure proper air circulation for your seeds

Involves the promotion of proper air circulation for your seeds. You have to place the seeds, preferably in an open area where they can receive the right amount of air. You can also place a small fan near your seeds for proper aeration.

Proper amount of heat to promote seed germination

Involves the use of the proper amount of heat or warmth to promote seed germination. When acquiring the seeds, you can store them in a cool place but once you have placed them in the soil, it is important that you raise the temperature. You have to remember that when you place the seeds or planting mix in a hot area, you have to monitor the moisture.

Lock the moisture for your seeds

Involves the use of plastic coverings to lock in the moisture in your planting mix or for your seeds.  Proper moisture is also important to promote germination.

Proper handling of the seedlings

You have to see to it that you touch the stems from time to time to keep their strength and durability.  Gently brush your hand over the sprouts once in a while.

Always remember that the size of the seed is the exact same amount of soil that you cover the seed with for example poppy seeds are round and very small so all they need is to be scattered over the ground. If you plant your seeds too deep they will not germinate.Decadent Daylilies




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