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Mondo grass stepping stonesMondo grass or Ophiopogon species is one of the popular grasses of the lily family. It is closely related to lily of the valley. As seen growing in vertical gardens, landscapes and home gardens. Mass plantings of green mondo grass can be used to create a ground cover at the base of standard roses, planting in front borders as edging plants. Simply use mondo grass to fill in gaps and cracks in concrete, around the edges of large stones, pathways and growing between grooves of outdoor paver steps, are affective ways to complement gardens to give them that soft look effect. This stunning plant requires low care and is available in different forms such as green and black, tall and dwarf and in a variegated form. The plant produces lilac or white flowers during the summer season. The height of the grass variety ranges from 10 cm to 30 cm.  This ornamental plant has grass like leaves and spreads faster once it gets established. It spreads using the rhizomes or tuberous roots. The dwarf varieties spread slower than the taller varieties. Mondo grass is a first rate solution for preventing and control of soil erosion and is a super excellent plant for growing in containers. If you have nothing better to do try growing these plants in a moss ball.

Mondo Grass Spacing

Depending on the space availability, you can decide on the number of plants you require. Dwarf Mondo grass requires 3-4 inch spacing and the larger growing species need a spacing of 5-6 inches. If you use more plants, the area will get covered faster. You can separate the individual plants from the clump and they can be planted in the soil with the root covered completely in the soil.

Growing Conditions

All varieties of Mondo grass require moist and well-drained soil with slightly acidic pH for their optimal growth. The plant can withstand light frost. If you experience heavy frosts, it is necessary to grow them in the frost-free regions. The plant grows very well when planted in partly shaded areas rather than in the full sun. Loamy soil will encourage faster root growth and the plant gets established easily. It is better to add well-rotted compost to the soil before planting to ensure that the soil retains moisture. The Mondo grass can be propagated by the division of clumps during spring or by sowing the seeds in the garden during autumn. It will take two weeks to six months for the seeds to germinate. It is necessary to use freshly harvested seeds to improve the germination rate. Propagation by division is the easier and cheaper method of propagating this plant.

Mondo Grass Care

These plants are an easy care choice, you can plant the Mondo grass plants in spring in the weed free area. The plant needs watering during dry conditions. It is necessary to provide the micronutrients in the form of compost annually. Though the plant does not require cutting or any extra fertiliser, adding some organic fertiliser in spring and summer can improve the colour and appearance of the plant.

Mondo grass varieties

The common varieties of Mondo grass are:

  • Mini Mondo grass

Ophiopogon Japonicus is the dwarf variety. This is a hardy variety and can tolerate dry conditions and frost. It has dark green foliage and grows 3 inches tall.

  • Black or tall Mondo

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens has purple-black leaves that grows from the centre of the clump green in spring turning to near black by summer. The leaves are finer and straighter. It can reach a height of about 10 inches.

  • Giant Mondo

Ophiopogon jaburan has longer and broader leaves. The flowering stems are up to 60cm long.

  • Variegated Mondo

Ophiopogon jaburan ‘Variegatus’ has attractive variegated foliage.


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