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Silver Mound Artemisia Schmidtiana

Silver Mound Plant – Growing And Caring Of Artemisia Schmidtiana

Artemisia silver mound growing in a hanging basketThe Silver Mound plant is an attractive looking perennial that is used to add life to dull gardens and is a most used plant in landscaping. It is known as Artemisia Schmidtiana as per plant taxonomy and is normally used as a ground cover in gardens. It behaves like a herbaceous plant and is highly ornamental and grows in low mounds. This plant has silvery leaves and grows to about one foot taller or less and about 1 ½ feet in width. Silver mound wormwood produce insignificant flowers and the blooms may go unnoticed, evidently, the silver foliage is widely used to make flower arrangements. This cultivar is one of the more attractive of the smaller varieties of artemisias, this plant is an ideal option for creating and softening edgings in perennial borders or can be grown along the edges of driveways, walkways or pathways. This plant is so versatile it can also be grown in hanging baskets. The mound shaped foliage of the plant can withstand the harsh summer conditions and will retain its shape.

Growing Silver Mound

Silver mound is a plant that will thrive in hot and dry places. The plant has to be grown in areas where there is full sun and will not grow well in shady areas. This plant does not mind growing up with other plant specimens. The soil in which the plant grows must be a well drained one. The ground has to be less fertile for the plant to attain full growth. Watering the plant moderately until it attains good growth is essential and after that, it will only need very less water. They are best grown through propagation. Dividing a fully grown Silver Mound plant will help you to grow new ones.

  • To divide water the Silver Mound plants a couple of days before your planned dividing process. This will help in keeping the soil moist.
  • You should dig the silver mound perennial’s clump by using a shovel to reach the root ball and then loosen its grip from the soil.
  • Wash the excess soil from its root ball and then cut away the individual crowns.
  • Replant the removed divisions immediately before the roots dry out. Make sure you plant them in a new pot and at the same depth as before.
  • Water the plant and spread mulch to cover the soil to maintain soil moisture.

Caring tips

The Silver mound Artemisia is a fast growing perennial.

  • It needs to be watered actively during its growing stage, but only when the top three inches of the soil go completely dry. Over watering can spoil the plant.
  • Sprinkling a little bit of fertiliser around the base of the pot during the mid spring time will help in plant growth.
  • Weeds can be discouraged by placing any good garden mulch that you desire, wood barks or chips around the silver mound plant.
  • Prune the plant after the summer, or if you are lucky enough to see blooms and remove all the dead leaves and branches.
  • Some winter care can help the silver mound plant through winter by covering the plant with green boughs at the start of the winter and rainy season. This will help in draining away all the moisture from the crown of the silver mound plant.

If the silver mound plant is properly maintained, this plant can survive up to 10 years.


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