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English Cottage Gardens In Australia

English Cottage Gardens are usually about growing vintage daylilies, flowers, bulbs, perennials and shrubs, and not about growing the latest new variety of plants. Think vintage when planting a cottage garden while adding in different plant heights, colours and textures. Barring in mind when planting a cottage garden the trick is to leave room for the plants to grow and expand. It has become very popular in Australia to include Australian native plants into huge cottage gardens. This will certainly help to bring the native birds and butterflies to your cottage garden through perennials, bulbs and shrubs.


Traditional English Cottage Gardens have a style of their own, as a rule, these gardens have an informal design of cottage flowers. Normally with a mixture of dense plantings when plants are fully grown, that harmonise and complement old cottages, old country farm houses as well new modern town houses. Tall Bearded Iris, Older Daylilies and Agapanthus look fabulous planted in English Cottage Gardens, especially the vintage types of daylilies and the vintage flag Iris as they have a free flowering effect.

How to Create English Cottage Gardens

Many Australian cottage garden designs have curved edges to their pathways and garden beds, that have you wondering what is around the next corner. Typical cottage gardens can have an arbour and white picket fences are commonly used. As well as traditional materials, for example, a garden arch is largely used, for an entrance to these old world cottage gardens. These types of cottage gardens are the perfect place for daylily collectors and plant lovers to sit on garden benches to have a cup of tea, together while relaxing, looking at the very pretty flowers in the gardens. Plan to add cottage style pedestal birdbaths, bird feeders, wind chimes, antique and vintage items, these add great detail to an english cottage garden design. Cottage gardens can be large or small as well as romantic, flowers can be soft,

bright or even all in white, you can also have your preferred colour scheme and style spread across the garden.

How to make a cottage garden is easy to make if you have a list of english cottage garden plants to guide you. You can buy these old fashioned plants from your local nursery or from the newest online catalogues, there are some great cottage garden ideas in the photo provided to get you started. Here is my plant selection of english cottage garden plants; Vintage Daylilies, Violets, Cosmos, Bell flower, Heritage Tall Bearded Iris, Hollyhock, Herbs, Hydrangeas, Foxglove, David Austin Roses, Peony Roses, Phlox, Coleus, Asters, Delphinium, Campanula, Lavender, Delphinium, Snow in Summer, Sunflowers, Dianthus, Sweet William, Canna lily, Queen Anne’s Lace, Pentstemon, Salvia, Scabiosa, Verbascum, Verbena, Agapanthus, Daisies, Lambs Ear, Aquilegia, Lilliums, Daffodils, Geranium, Russell Lupins, Self Sowing Annuals, Brunsvigia Josephine lily, Ginger Lilies, Old Fashioned White Calla Lilies, Belladonna lily, Daffodils, many other Spring Bulbs and ground covers. There are many quality evergreen cottage garden shrubs, evergreen border plants, and climbing plants to add up into your cottage garden, having these plants and others in your English Cottage Gardens, you can be grateful of having flowers all season long.



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