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Tips To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Natural Ways To Help Cut Flowers Last Longer

Recipes to make fresh flowers last longer in a vaseCut flowers are needed for special occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, etc., and for daily flower arrangements. If you want the flowers to stay fresh in bouquets and in your vase, you need to prepare the stems in a proper way. There are many easy methods to make the cut flowers last. You need to cut the stem of the flowers the right way and provide proper attention to make the flowers last.

Preparing the stem

Tips to keep cut flowers fresh. To prepare the cut flowers to last in the vase, make stem cuttings longer than actually required to fit in the vase and make the final cut with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 degrees. Cutting the stem at a slanting angle will increase the surface area and helps in more water absorption. Care should be taken to avoid crushing of the stem while cutting. Always use a sharp knife or shears to cut the flower stem. It is best to always make the final cut in a bowl of warm water or under running water to prevent the air bubbles from trapping inside the stem. Trapped air bubbles can block the water uptake through the stem when kept in vases. If you cannot cut the stem under water make sure that you place the stem in water immediately after cutting it. If you are buying the flowers from vendor avoid buying bunches with wilted leaf and flowers with brown edge. During transit cover the flowers with wrapping paper for secure packaging or cellophane flower sleeves to protect the fresh flowers from dust, heat and the cold. After reaching home, place them in water immediately. Strip the leaves off each stem to the height of the water contained in the vase, so that there are no leaves on the stems mingled within the water. To ensure that the vase is free from microorganisms, wash the vase with soap and hot water before placing the cut flowers. Check the stem of the cut flower in your vase daily and add fresh water as needed. To ensure that the flowers receive sufficient water, trim the stem end a bit daily.

Different solutions that make flowers last longer in a vase

If the flower bouquet comes with flower preservatives, add it to the water according to the instructions given on the packet. To deter the bacterial growth and to keep water clean, add about 1 teaspoon of bleach to a quart of water. The other solutions, to keep the cut flowers, fresh are listed below

  • Listerine Mouth Wash

Adding one cupful of Listerine mouthwash to one litre of water can keep the flowers fresh for at least one week.

  • Vodka

Adding 1 teaspoon of vodka per one litre of water and keeping the flowers in this solution will last more than seven days if the solution is changed every three days.

  • Aspirin

Adding one crushed aspirin to one litre of water and dipping the stem in this solution will ensure the freshness for 5-6 days.

  • Copper Penny

Putting a copper penny at the bottom of the vase filled with water can keep the flowers fresh for about 5 days. Make sure that the vase is small or a single penny will not be sufficient for the water in the vase.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar Solution

A solution of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of sugar added to one litre of water can keep the flowers fresh. Change the solution every few days to add life to the flowers.


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