Single Flowered Daylilies

Single Flowered Daylilies

About Single Flowered Daylilies

Single Flowered DayliliesOne of the most attractive types of daylilies that you can definitely add up to your garden collection is known as the single flowered daylilies. Upon a closer look, the single daylily flower has distinct characteristics that make them truly easier to be distinguished as compared to the other kinds of daylilies. First of all, from the name itself, you should definitely expect that these daylilies only have a single flower. Upon close inspection, you will be able to see that they have three sepals together with three petals to be exact. Aside from all else, you can also observe them to have six stamens and just one pistil. For every pistil, you can observe three carpels. If you are able to see all of these in a daylily flower then you can consider that plant as a single flowered daylily. These daylilies can come in really attractive colours that you can choose from. These single flowered daylilies can surely brighten up your garden.

Daylily flowers come in different flower forms, these include the double bloom, spider bloomspolymerous bloomsdouble daylilies, small blooms, and miniature blooms like Stella De Oro daylily. If you want more of the classic style or heirloom type bloom, you should definitely consider the single flowered daylilies. There are also different types of dayliles for sale in Australia, these are the single daylilies, double daylilies, spider daylilies and even the ones with unusual forms ufo’s. Daylily blooms also come in varying shapes and sizes these are sculptured, flat, circular, triangular, star shaped, informal, recurved and trumpet type blooms.

One great advantage of the single daylilies is that they are definitely easy to find, most nurseries in Australia only sell and supply Stella De Oro daylily described as the single flowered daylily, dormant, dwarf at the most 12” in height and 12” wide, Stella de Oro is yellow and a free flowering, reblooms and always looks wonderful growing in large pots but nurseries in Australia do not usually sell much else, unlike those unusual formed and spider ones, that come from speciality nurseries like Decadent Daylilies Daylily Nursery in Australia. Stella de Oro is truly within your reach at your local nursery in Australia. You can just go to your nearest trusted garden suppliers to ask where you can buy single flowered daylilies varieties like Stella de Oro but with much larger flowers and in different colours and a much taller daylily as you can be sure that the nursery man will find one. You can even check online plant stores for a much better selection and even find an extra tall daylily plant, by typing in daylilies in Australia but you have to make sure that the daylily growers are legitimate enough and highly trusted over the Internet. Check for online reviews of their plant varieties so that you can definitely see if the daylily suppliers provide the best quality daylilies in Australia.

Single Daylilies Care

When it comes to taking care of these single flowered daylilies, there is actually not much of a problem. You just have to make sure, just like any other plants, that you would be able to place your single flowered daylily in a good environment and provide them with the right source of sunlight and nutrition. The soil must be of top quality for the daylilies proper nutrient absorption. Proper fertiliser must also be utilised. You have to consider the materials that these fertilisers are made of and make sure that they do not, in any way, harm the daylilies and even the environment. Natural fertilisers are highly advisable for the single flowered daylilies because they are truly safe and effective and they can definitely help you to produce some of the best daylily blooms. Adequate space must be given to each and every daylily to ensure proper growth. You may ask when do daylilies bloom in Australia and how long do daylilies bloom for? Well, daylilies flower from November to January and the daylilies then rebloom in March and April in Australia. Some daylilies are long flowering fragrant perennials and even reblooming six weeks later being named rebloomers, one of the longest blooming daylilies in my daylily collection is Texas blue eyes, another heirloom variety that seems to bloom forever is Orange sherbet being the absolute longest flowering daylily I have and will always have a place in my garden because it flowers for an extended long time and is a very strong plant.

These are some of the most important details that you have to remember when it comes to single daylily flowers and how you can grow them properly and successfully in Australia.  Single flowered daylilies require proper care just like any other plant and you must be able to address them properly, the best way possible.



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