Snow in Summer Groundcover growing around roses

Snow in Summer Groundcover

Snow in Summer Groundcover Australia 


Snow in Summer Groundcover flowers plants gardenSnow in summer an easy-to-grow, delicate, pretty and can enhance the beauty of daylilies. Snow in Summer with its delicate snow white flowers can do just that, it is a low maintenance and very eye-catching white groundcover that covers and softens the garden grounds gracefully as seen in my picture. Whether you have a huge country garden or a small patio in the city this groundcover will look just as elegant. Ground covers are also a great way to keep weeds down in your garden.

To begin with, snow in summer flowers, are otherwise known as Cerastium Tomentosum, silver carpet, Mouse Ear, Chickweed etc. It’s an evergreen ground cover and also long lived and grows and flowers in the spring. This herbaceous perennial groundcover is tough and produces masses of pretty white flowers shaped like stars. This sprawling plant spreads graciously and delicately through the garden if let go. Snow in summer looks like a carpet of white snow in full bloom while being very elegant as a groundcover against daylilies and roses . The snow white flowers are a great contrast to the silver leaf foliage and are capable of retaining the silver leaves all year round. In short this perennial grows just six to eight inches high but still stands high in attracting people’s attention. These plants are very persistent; sometimes one needs to control the spreading of this plant nevertheless it depends how rich your soil is, how much sunshine the plant gets, to how thick or fine this ground cover can grow. With this in mind, the Cerastium snow in summer will also grow in poor soils but won’t provide your garden with a dense mat in these conditions.

How to Grow Snow in Summer

Snow in summer plants are very easy to grow all they need is some sunshine and sunlight. These plants are grown through garden seeds, the seeds should be directly sprinkled in the garden soil, once the seeds are scattered because the seeds are so fine you don’t have to cover them with soil. It is always best to sow the seeds in the early season of summer or late spring. These seeds can take some time to germinate and may take from two to three weeks to show a good result. Once the plant is grown, you can propagate the seedlings by dividing them to plant in another position in your garden.

Care for Snow in summer Plants

After a specific time, the white, glossy flowers fade away, it is best to trim down all the faded flowers and foliage to maintain the rest of the plant so it looks healthy and attractive. This activity should be repeated periodically. These plants will tolerate some sun, light or partial shade as it grows well in the morning sunshine, once established this plant prefers dry soil, so you only need to water them when the soil is completely dry after a hot day.

Features of Snow in Summer Plants

  • Snow in summer can grow in dry and sunny areas, poor soil and is salt tolerant.
  • Apart from open grounds, they also grow well in big pots and tubs.
  • These hardy plants should be clipped hard to 2 inches from the ground to maintain a tidy appearance.
  • They are very delicate and woolly, grows for about 6 to 8 inches in height and 12 to 18 inches in width
  • Snow in summer will grow anywhere due to its grey foliage, which is a true sign of being tough.

Other Ground Cover plants

Apart from the Cerastium, Snow in Summer there are many other ground cover plants like Brass Buttons, Trailing Lantana, Ajuga, Ice Plant, Creeping Thyme, Sweet Woodruff, Creeping Sqreedwell, Lamium, Golden moneywort, Epimedium, Hypericum, Lily of the valley etc.

Make your summer more colourful and attractive by growing beautiful Snow in Summer plants, they are an easy growing evergreen ground cover great for landscaping and rock gardens that can self seed and look after themselves.

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