Dichondra Argentea Silver Falls

Dichondra Silver Falls And Emerald Falls Requires Very Little Attention

Dichondra Silver Falls grows in hanging baskets or spread by runners.Dichondra is a prostrate plant belonging to the same family of morning glory. These are perennial and herbaceous plants native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the world. This ridiculously care free plant spreads easily and has leaves, which are lobed, or kidney shaped and is also called as kidney weeds in Australia. It is ideal for lawns in shady areas, as it forms a ground cover even if sun exposure is very low. The simple to grow plant does not grow more than two inches in height. It can be grown in areas where grass does not grow well. Although it is a low maintenance plant and is also highly drought-resistant. The two important varieties are Dichondra Silver Falls and Dichondra Emerald Falls.

Dichondra Silver Falls 

The trailing plant has beautiful and attractive silver foliage that grows well in full sun, partial shade or complete shade. In shady areas, the plant may grow to a height of 10-15 cm. Planting them at a distance of 25 to 30 cm allows forming an easy groundcover. The good looking silver falls, grown in hanging plant stands or tall containers will help the plant to trail down from the sides up to 2m making it a visual treat. Once established, this variety of Dichondra requires very little water. Though the plant produces small flowers, it is mainly grown for the trailing or cascading leaves. It can be propagated by seeds, by starting them in spring.

Dichondra Emerald Falls

This plant has a fan or kidney shaped leaves, which are emerald green in colour. The flowers and fruits are not significant ornamentally. This bedding plant can bring a delicate texture to your garden. This plant can be given a haircut and pruned to neaten the long drop of stems at any time of the year. Also grows well in full sun or in partial shade. It prefers moderate moisture and well-drained soil and is tolerant of dry conditions, pollution, and salty winds. Most times the plant is usually propagated by cutting.

How to grow Dichondra?

  • This plant variety requires weed free well drained soil and sunny or partly shaded areas for their growth.
  • When growing from seeds, it is necessary to sow the seeds scattered in the prepared seedbed and water them lightly to keep them moist, but not flooded.
  • The ideal temperature for the germination of the seeds is about 21 degrees C at daytime and 10 degrees C at night.
  • Depending on the time of sowing and other environmental factors, it will take 7-14 days for the seeds to germinate.

How to care for Dichondra Plant?

Once established, these plants are easy to grow and require only infrequent watering. Make sure that the soil dries out in between watering. When the plant is used as a lawn, it is necessary to mow the trouble free plant to maintain the required height. You can prune the plant during spring to keep the plant in shape. During the growing period, the plant should be fed with nitrogen fertilisers to provide healthy growth. This plant variety looks good and is highly suited for vertical planting in a hanging gardens planter or potted wall baskets kept as patio plants, propagated by seeds and the division of roots as well.


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