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Epiphyllum How to Grow and Care

Epiphyllum – How to Grow and Care

Epiphyllum How to Grow and CareIn the world of semi-desert hybrid plants, the epiphyllum is a renowned star because of its brightly coloured flowering large petals. Epiphyllum is also known as epi cacti, or epis for short, and are native to Central and South America. Obtaining its name from the Greek meaning “upon the leaf,” these members from the cactus genus are sometimes referred to as “leaf cactus” or “orchid cactus.” Some varieties of epiphyllum have been used by shamans in making the hallucinogenic beverage called ayahuasca used in spiritual ceremonies and/or quests. These rainforest cacti do not have long sharp thorns like desert cacti but they do have small hair-like spines at the joints of their stems. This particular type of epiphyllum is used as a parent plant for the hybrid but has a different appearance and habit than that of the hybrids. Some names of these hybrids include Sun Goddess, Padre, Vive Rouge and Flamingo, can be a stunning boost to the outside of your home in a garden or on a patio/porch and make an excellent houseplant.

Epiphyllum Water and Fertiliser with these steps we will show you how to grow plant and fertilise an epiphyllum cactus from a cutting. You can buy epiphyllum cactus cuttings from garden centres or online at a speciality epiphyllum nurseries, garden shops through mail order.

How to Grow Epiphyllums from Cuttings

Spring time is the best time to propagate epiphyllum cuttings. The cutting should be cured for 10 to 14 days allowing calluses to form over their end which protects them from rot. It may not be easy but if you are successful and the cuttings take root, then it can take 3 years before you will see flowers as they will not bloom until they are pot bound. If you are not successful you have done your money! because most sellers sell cuttings only. These cacti prefer general purpose cactus potting mix and it should only take up to six weeks for the cutting to take root.

Epiphyllum Care and Maintenance

Epiphyllums require a fast well-drained soil mix and can last up to 7 years growing in a pot before repotting is needed.

In nature, these plants grow under tree shade so they do not do well in full sun exposure while

Epiphyllums Also Cannot Tolerate Freezing Temperatures

They will not bloom without fairly bright light, however most bloom at night

          Epiphyllums Require Partial Shade and do Thrive Best with a Temperature of 10 C or More

            Epiphyllums can be bought indoors for short periods but artificial lights may cause problems with them not flowering.


 Planting Epiphyllum Cuttings

It is best to refrain from watering cuttings until they have had time to establish roots as watering too soon may also cause rot. You will need to check the soil to know if watering is needed. The plant must not get too dry but cannot be left extremely moist after watering.

Epiphyllums Require Humidity to Grow. Waterlogged conditions will typically lead to plant death or dysfunction. Epis have an active growth period in the spring and summer and may require monthly fertilisation. Even though they can last a lot longer it is recommended that you repot epis every one to two years. Most of these hybrid species are nocturnal bloomers meaning they usually bloom at night, but there are some day blooming varieties. The tropics can be with you all the time and epis are not too easily susceptible to disease. Most issues are caused by improper care aside from this epiphyllums are a generally low maintenance plant and have been known to still grow gorgeous blooms in neglected situations.

These plants allow you to bring a little piece of the majesty and awe of the rainforest into your home or garden. This brings curious attention to your patios, deck and in windows which leads to interesting conversations about these vivid species of plant. You will be sure to love this addition to your environment.

Epicacti / Epiphyllum.



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