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Daisy Plant All You Need to Know About Daysies

Daisy Daisies flowers plait in ladies hairDaisies are beautiful flowers known to evoke the deepest emotions. Their elemental design of fanning petals around a round centre exudes a simple, yet cheerful nature. The daisy is mainly found in gardens and woodland areas. Besides being used to portray beautiful displays, these reliable flowers are used for art and advertisements to bring out innocence, freshness and growth.

Remember the ‘loves me-loves me not’ game we played when we were little, innocent children? Here in Australia, we used daisy petals to play the game when we would want to determine if someone, usually a childhood crush, found us adorable or not. This just goes to show how much these flowers brought out the innocence of our childhood. Same goes for our adult life as it has never failed to bring out a room into a vibrant one.

Daisies have been known to also represent purity and gentleness just as depicted by the sweetness of simple young love in children. Moreover, daisies are implications of friendship, trust, new beginnings, affection and fidelity. So if you have that friend you have loved for so long or getting involved in a new relationship with a new flame, why not buy daisies to seal the friendship and relationship?

Growing daisies is very easy which makes them the perfect flower to compliment other flowers. Just like any other plant, they require sunlight and soil with good drainage.

Information on Daisy Types

There are many types of daisy flowers to choose from infact 23,600 species, some are annuals while other daisies are perennials, all belonging to the Asteraceae family. Do you Know the daisy family is the largest family of flowering plants?

Here are some common but different types of daisies that you may want to grow in your garden. Marguerite daisies, Gerbera daisies, Glorisa daisies, Shasta daisies, English daisies, Oxeye daisies, Rock daisies, Seaside daisy and come in various colours. Their colour display is one of the reasons people prefer, the flowers to add a summer feeling to their gardens.

Paper Daisies flowering In your Garden

Lemon paper daisy flowers growing in my gardenHave you ever seen paper daisies? You can grow paper daisies in your garden these daisies never die. As they grow they feel just like paper daisies too. If you have trouble growing daisies in your garden I recommend that you try paper daisies they are truly an everlasting daisy. You can grow and start these from seed in autumn to flower in later on, or I have seen these sold in seedling punnet trays in the nurseries. Give them a go! they are truly different and great for indoor vases. Helichrysum monstrosum (right) is a small shrub with large lemon paper daisy flowers I have it growing in my garden.

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Happy occasions like weddings, seasonal holidays and birthday parties are perfect for the daisy flowers to present its vivid colour display and add freshness to a room. They are best placed in floral arrangements to blend with other flowers like roses and lilies. Try it out in a gloomy looking room and see the huge difference it will bring.

Famous artists like Van Gogh have employed daisies for art mainly for their fresh colour and elemental design. A good example is the ‘Vase with Lilac, Daisies and Anemones’ which Van Gogh created with the daisies serving to add brightness to the blend. Another famous artist who has used the flower in their artwork is Pierre-August Renoir where he used them to add sweetness to contrast the voluptuousness of the girl in the painting – Young Girl with Daisies.

In William-Adolphe Bourguereau’s painting of a child holding daisies, the daisies evoke deep emotions from that draws the audience to look closely into the child’s face. The images brought by the daisies go to prove that the flowers are not only powerful in their nature to draw people in, but also portray their importance in artwork. They create visual imagery and show an artist’s ability to exercise his creativity in his work, both in the past and present.

Daisies also serve as nutritional value to worms and cattle. They add Vitamin C to our bodies when added to salads and herbal tea. The daisy will also add a rich taste to honey when it is being made. In addition, daisies are used as traditional medicine with certain types popular for their ability to relieve pain from coughs, indigestion and healing wounds.

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